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It is a filibuster.

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Q: What is it called when you hold a floor with a long speech to delay a vote?
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What is a long speech to hold the floor and delay a vote is called a what?


What do you call a long time consuming speech on the Senate floor would be called what?

If the entire purpose if the speech is to hold the floor and delay business, it's called a filibuster.

What is an antonym for hinder?

delay,hold up,block

What word means the same word as delay?


A tactic by which a senator asks to be informed before a particular bill is brought to the floor in effect stopping the bill temporarily is called a?

hold - A tactic by which a senator asks to be informed before a particular bill is brought to the floor. This stops the bill from coming to the floor until the hold is removed

What is the synonym for to slow down?

hold up, delay, or reduce speed.

Prolong is a synonym for what?

delayExtend, perpetuate, stretch out, delay, hold up, protract...

Is hold up something same as hold something up?

I don't see the difference as long as you are talking about lifting an object physically higher from the floor or ground. But 'hold up' can have the meaning of robbing or robbery. "I'll hold up the first person who comes out of the bank!" a robber might say. Or, "This is a hold up!"

Why does your GE oven display hold and delay?

Hold means to keep the food warm at a certain temperature until you turn it off. Delay means to wait to start the oven cooking until a certain time that you select.

How do you hold the ground in congress?

I think the term you are asking is how to "hold the floor" in the house of representatives. You are granted time by the speaker, once that occurs, you "have the floor". You can hold it for additional time if members will yield to you and offer their time for you to use. Carrying this procedure out to an extreme is called "filibustering" where a member will attempt to "hold the floor" until such time as support can be garnered for his "cause", or causes such time to expire, in that a statute or vote is missed, achieving the desired affect by the filibustering member or member's.

What are some words that have the same meaning as delay?

detain, hold up, postpone, defer,

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