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Q: What is it called when you run at a leisurely slow pace 3 letter word?
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What is a leisurely gait?

Leisurely means slow or unhurried, and gait is a term for the way a horse walks, and is sometimes applied to human walking. So a leisurely gait is a slow pace of riding or walking.

How do you spell leisurly?

The correct spelling of the adverb is leisurely (at a slow or relaxed pace).

What is an ambler?

An ambler is a person who walks at a leisurely pace, or a slow-moving horse or mule.

Antonyms or synonyms slow - leisurely?

Slow and leisurely would be synonyms.

What does slow footed mean?

"Slow footed" simply means a person walks in a way that is slower than normal. Example: The policeman's slow footed response allowed the robber to flee. Slow footed is often distinguished from a leisurely pace because there is an expectation that the movement should be faster. Example: Despite that the couple was taking a leisurely stroll, Cathy thought Tom's slow footed plodding was as agonizingly frustrating as watching for a blade of grass to grow. Georgia's slow footed exercise, that she called a leisurely stroll, made her companion three hours late getting home for dinner.

What is it called when one is moving at a slow pace?


Where do you run at a leisurely slow place?


Is this synonym or antonyms slow - leisurely?


What is 'to play at a leisurely slow pace' when translated from English to Italian?

Sonare adagio comodo and suonare adagio con comodoare Italian equivalents of the English phrase "to play at a leisurely slow pace." The speaker's birthplace and personal preference determines which option prevails. The respective pronunciations will be "so-NA-rey a-DA-djo KO-mo-do" and "swo-NA-rey a-DA-djo kon KO-mo-do" in Italian.

Are these words antonyms or synonyms slow - leisurely?


Oxymoron of leisurely refusal to eat food?

slow fast

What is a synonym to slow?

Sluggish, unhurried, measured, deliberate, leisurely and dawdling.

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