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you call it a Neekeetia ? Everyone calls it that

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Q: What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
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What does TP your house mean?

It means to throw toilet paper all over someone's house. Usually an enemy. Most people do it on Halloween.

Why do you look at your dirty toilet paper before you throw it in the toilet?

Because it is disgusting.

Why should you not throw toilet paper in the toilet bowl?

You should throw it in the bowl. That is the correct place for it, just not huge clumps of it.

Why shouldn't you throw toilet paper in the toilet?

You can in most countries except those that have weak plumbing

Should you flush your toilet paper or throw it in the basket?

flushing ones toilet paper depends on the grade, you shouldn't be throwing heavy or very course toilet paper into the toilet as it causes blockages. keep to thin toilet paper for when actually using the toilet and use the heavier and courser toilet paper for when drying your hands and put it into the basket.

How my group dispose toilet paper?

you can either flush it down.... or.. throw it in the bin.

How can toilet paper be more eco friendly?

It's cardboard. Throw it in the recycle bin.

What are three things kids throw at houses on Halloween?

eggs, toilet paper, pumpkins

If your boyfriend came on his hands rinsed them in water no soap and wiped them on his roll of toilet paper which you wiped with a couple minutes later could you be pregnant?

No, but why did he not throw the toilet paper away afterwards

How do you dispose of a baby wipe can it be flushed down the toilet?

You throw it in the dirtbin/dustbin/waste bin. Whatever you call it depending where you live. Do not put anything down your toilet other than toilet paper, i am repeating myself now, DO NOT put anything down the toilet other than toilet paper.

What are some things kids trow at houses for Halloween?

Most kids throw toilet paper at houses on Halloween.

Why do Mexicans throw used toilet paper in the trash can instead of flushing down the toilet?

Sorry, I should have said Latin Americans....please pardon any offense to Mexicans