What is it like for an American Citizen to live in Taiwan?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What is it like for an American Citizen to live in Taiwan?
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Can an American citizen live in Taiwan?

If you have a Visa!

Where in Taiwan did ann Wilson live?

In Taiwan Ann Wilson live near American military facilities.

What are your duties as a American citizen?

live right

Where do the people in Taiwan live?

People in Taiwan live all over. Most live in houses, mainly giant apartment like buildings.

How long can you live in Italy with dual citizenship?

If you are an Italian citizen you can live in Italy whenever you like as long as you like, regardless of your other citizenships.

How can an Irish American become an Irish citizen?

yes just live there

Can a fiance of an American citizen legally work in the US if they are a Canadian citizen?

No, the Canadian has to be married to the American in order to live or work in America. Because you have to be married to an American to get a green card in order to do that.

I am an American Citizen .my girlfriend live in colombia .how she can com to USA?

By immigrating to the U.S.A.

Can you go and live in American and work so that your American born baby can have an American education?

If a baby is born within America, even if its parents are from another country, it is automatically an American citizen, and is entitled to the rights and privileges of an American citizen, specially in the USA.

Does an American citizen that is married to a Mexican national have to have a visa to live Mexico with her spouse?


What is the citizenship status of Americans who live abroad?

child born abroad of american citizen

Best country's to live and work as an American citizen?

The United States of America, or Australia