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What is it like in Singapore?


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It was established in 1965,prior to that is was a trading port leased by the British from Malaysia.

It is a country full of useless and lazy and rude people. Rated number 1 by a Readers Digest survey which pushed the government into a campaign called Smile Singapore campaign in attempt to change the behavior which has failed,and been reestablished twice.

It is ridiculously expensive. Rated by Forbes as the ninth moth expensive city in the world, thusly making it number 1 most expensive country.

It has the highest Math and Science scores on standardized tests, but the people are unable to do anything aside from spitting out repeated responses,creativity, and originality are all but outlawed.

Although the tourist areas are kept Disneyland clean, the rest of the country is definitely of mainland Chinese heritage,as the areas are filthly, and clogged with litter. Singapore is 70% Chinese.

Hygiene by civilized standards is almost non existant, they even rate their resteraunts by Classes (A,B, and C) determining the likelihood of getting food poisoning from eating at these establishments.

There are no manners from the Singapore people, the word used is Kiasu, which they will tell you means capitalism, but the Chinese characters stand for (there are two used) Me,Myself, one visiting or living in Singapore, should expect to see selfish and rude driving, having people push the close button on an elevator when you are trying to get on, slamming doors in your face, walking directly into you on sidewalks, or in malls even after they see you.

There is no freedom of Press.

They are an extremely rascist people, this can be seen by the posting on the Ministry of Manpower website, where salaries are listed by nationality or cultural heritage (example A person of Indian or Chinese descent, but born in America with a Phd, will by national law make less money than a Singaporean with a BA )


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Singapore is just like the United States. If Singapore crash, the entire South-East Asia will be in turmoil.

Singapore. It's like the whole country is the capital.

When it is noon in London, it will be 8pm in Singapore. Like now, I am answering this question at 9.40pm in Singapore, it is 1.40pm in London.

The currency used in Singapore is Singapore Dollar (symbol: $, abbreviation: SGD). Brunei dollars are accepted almost like the local currency.

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Singapore is in asia. Singapore is located just below Malaysia as a tiny dot. That is why Singapore is commonly known as the "Little Red dot"! Singapore is a very cultural place and it is clean and nice. There are many places you can visit in Singapore like the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird park and The Night Safari! If you ever visit Singapore you should at least visit 1 of these places...

It is still about 25 - 30 degrees like in other times. Singapore is in the tropical area.

because it's common in tropical areas like singapore. A lot of tourist get that

Singapore is plain as it have only kam pong houses

it was a place full of plants

He is the father of Singapore. He spent his whole life building it. Without him, Singapore will not be like today.

Go shopping, ride the Singapore Flyers, watch movies and tourists like to go to Sentosa. If you like animals, you have to go to the zoo. Then, there's the Bird Park.

Street directories in Singapore are available from many hotels that provide English support. Online, websites like streetdirectory will aid travelers in Singapore.

If you are asking why its 'Singapore,singapore', its because there is only one state in Singapore

Yes, the Bath and Body at Singapore closes on the public holidays like the Labour Day.

Singapore is the capital of Singapore as Singapore has no capital.

you can really buy it at a girls store like justice or wallmart. Uhh...Since when are there walmarts in singapore?

Singapore earns money from overseas by exporting products like computer parts, electronics and chemicals.

Singapore is a safe country which has a good education system. Besides, it is based on democracy and you would be able to be recognised for your achievement regardless of your race or religion. The public transport system in Singapore is accessible too, so it's easy travelling around. So Singaporeans make like Singapore due to these qualities.

by not throwing rubbish anywhere you like

It depends on which way you want to say Singapore in. By size, it would be "a red dot" as Singapore is really very small to be seen on the map. In other ways like population density, i could say that Singapore is "packed like sardine". It is the second highest populated country in the world as from "".

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