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What is it like to abuse Oxycontin?

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you are so right. here in western Carolina, everything goes for a dollar a mg. an 80 is $80, a perc 30 is $30, an oc 60 is $60, etc. its crazy!! but you will pay whatever you need to to not have to go withdraws. no highs anymore...

everyone is a little bit right, dude below me definatly went over board but hes actually right about 5 out of the 7 side effects he listed. stops calcium from getting to your bones "or teeth" kills brain cells, bad on lived, digesive problems...all true. However use in moderation and youll be fine also very tru. however im perscribed Oxycontin and my other dog hates it and calls it "synthetic heroin" or "generic heroin" and ive never heard Poor mans heroin but its commonly refferd to as "hillbilly herion" just search "hillbilly herion" see what pops up. living down in south Fla AKA the OC capital of the world, and being raised bya pharmacist and engaged to a doctor ive done my HW on this subject. and while im at it cna some1 from out of state confirm that that's tru, that its almost impossible to get written oc's or oxycodone or roxycodone, and that on the st they go for up to a dollar an MG>? that's what ive beeen told and at my appt last month i met 2 pateints who flew in from out of st and they do it every month. kinda blew my mind, a dollar an mg means 80$ an 80? is that really right? around here there more like 30, if u get more then 1 they can be as low as 4 for 85, still expensive but sucha huge differences, are the people telling me this just getting wripped off or am i on the right page? let me know, thanks.

AnswerIt isn't called "poor man's heroin" for nothing. It does the same damage to your body that heroin does: kills brain cells, destroys the liver, eventually you lose all your teeth, constipation, inability to eat and digest food, heart bacterial infections, and it will kill you. Sound like fun?


Oxycodone is an semi-synthetic opioid analgesic, used primarily in the treatment of pain.

Oxycontin has... one of the side effects listed above? Whoever wrote that is mentally handicapped.

Use in moderation, you'll be fine...

As an Oxycontin addict I can tell you that its not called "poor man's heroin". In fact it is extremely expensive. It costs about thirty dollars a pill on the street. Also those aren't side effects of Oxycontin except for constipation.

From mine and my husbands experience as well as our friends who use this is what its like, it will most likely put you in financial ruin, we have to spend around a thousand dollars a week and have run up thousands of dollars in debt. At first its fun. the first high is the best feeling in the world, and then after that you just keep wanting that same feeling back but its never quite as good. When you first start you think you can quit at any time but you don't want to then you get physically addicted and that's just awful because as soon as you wake up your withdrawing, sweating, shaking, nausea, weakness, hot and cold flashes, with your eyes and nose watering and you can't stop yawning, you just want to crawl out of your skin. It kinda feels like the worst flu you'll ever have. So now your spending all this money so you don't withdrawl and your not even getting high anymore. That's what its like being addicted to Oxycontin it sucks.


It's freaking Awesome, IMO....

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What is the half life of oxycontin?

OxyContin is an opioid analgesic that has an abuse liability similar to morphine. The half-life of OxyContin is at 3.2 hours.

Do labs test for Oxycontin automatically?

The test...a "Drug of Abuse" screen, must be ordered by the physician.

What is the name of Oxycontin in homeopathic medicine?

There is nothing like Oxycontin in homeopathy

Among caffeine pethidine amphetamine Oxycontin morphine which drug is not a drug of abuse?

Technically caffeine, but ANY drug can be a drug of abuse if you work at it hard enough.

What does smoking Oxycontin do to you?

its the most powerful way to to Oxycontin its literally like shooting heroin

Is Oxycontin and marijuana dangerous or lethal?

Everything is dangerous if you abuse it or use it inappropriately; even water can kill you if you drink enough.

What does detoxing from Oxycontin feel like?

like you're dying.

Is Oxycontin in oxycodone?

Oxycodone is a chemical, an opiate. Oxycontin is a trade name for oxycodone. Its like: Oxycodone is a soda; and Oxycontin is Coke. A general name versus a specific name.

How do you use the word Oxycontin in a sentence?

The pain medication Oxycontin is a timed-release form of oxycodone, an opioid drug. Like most narcotics, Oxycontin can cause dependency or addiction.

What does Oxycontin 40 mg look like?


what is drug abuse and what are the example of drugs?

The definition of drug abuse is the habitual use of drugs to alter mood, emotions or state of consciousness. Some of the drugs that are abused most often are opiates like oxycontin, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, nicotine, barbituates (sleeping pills), MDMA, ecstasy and steroids. Eventually drug abuse can lead to organ damage, addiction and other medical issues.

What do 5 mg Oxycontin look like?

Small white

Are oxycodone and Oxycontin the same?

Oxycodone is in Oxycontin. Oxycontin is a time release version of oxycodone. Oxycontin is a brand of oxycodone, so Oxycontin is just a name for a form of oxycodone.

What does a 15 mg Oxycontin look like including the markings?

OxyContin 15 mg - round, grey, with OC on one side and 15 on the other

Is Oxycontin same as Oxycontin?

Sure is!

Mexican name for Oxycontin?


Did the sales of the new op Oxycontin on the street slowed down?

Of course they did, but it was stupid of the government to demand they do this because it has caused the people who were abusing it to turn to harder drugs like heroin, something no one in their right mind would do. They would have been better leaving it alone, people who abuse will find a way , at least the Oxycontin was made under FDA guidelines and not by a heroin ring.

Are there blue 30mg Oxycontin pills?

Yes but they aren't under the brand name OxyContin. It contains the same opiate called oxycodone. But the name for these is roxicodone or roxys for short. There are only two milligram doses 15 and 30 mgs. The 15's are green with A 214 imprint and the 30's are blue with A 215 imprint. They have no time release. They have taken over for the original oxycontin oc's because the new oxycontin op's have a time release throughout the whole pill so you can't abuse it. So in a way you can call it an oxycontin but roxy is it's name.

Is there morphine in Oxycontin?

No, there is no morphine in Oxycontin. Oxycontin is very similar to morphine though. Oxycontin is a semi-synthetic drug made from modifying codeine.

How long does Oxycontin stay in your system if smoked?

As long as it feels like it.

Is there codeine in Oxycontin?

Is thrd codeine in oxycontin

What is Oxycontin called in Mexico?

El Oxycontin

What is the Spanish word for Oxycontin?

Oxycontin = oxicodona

Is Oxycontin a barbiturate?

No, oxycontin is not a barbiturate, it is an opioid.

Is Oxycontin a hallucinogens?

No, Oxycontin is an opioid, not a hallucinogen.