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What is it like to abuse Oxycontin?

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July 26, 2016 11:41AM

you are so right. here in western Carolina, everything goes for

a dollar a mg. an 80 is $80, a perc 30 is $30, an oc 60 is $60,

etc. its crazy!! but you will pay whatever you need to to not have

to go withdraws. no highs anymore...

everyone is a little bit right, dude below me definatly went

over board but hes actually right about 5 out of the 7 side effects

he listed. stops calcium from getting to your bones "or teeth"

kills brain cells, bad on lived, digesive problems...all true.

However use in moderation and youll be fine also very tru. however

im perscribed Oxycontin and my other dog hates it and calls it

"synthetic heroin" or "generic heroin" and ive never heard Poor

mans heroin but its commonly refferd to as "hillbilly herion" just

search "hillbilly herion" see what pops up. living down in south

Fla AKA the OC capital of the world, and being raised bya

pharmacist and engaged to a doctor ive done my HW on this subject.

and while im at it cna some1 from out of state confirm that that's

tru, that its almost impossible to get written oc's or oxycodone or

roxycodone, and that on the st they go for up to a dollar an

MG>? that's what ive beeen told and at my appt last month i met

2 pateints who flew in from out of st and they do it every month.

kinda blew my mind, a dollar an mg means 80$ an 80? is that really

right? around here there more like 30, if u get more then 1 they

can be as low as 4 for 85, still expensive but sucha huge

differences, are the people telling me this just getting wripped

off or am i on the right page? let me know, thanks.

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It isn't called "poor man's heroin" for nothing. It does the same

damage to your body that heroin does: kills brain cells, destroys

the liver, eventually you lose all your teeth, constipation,

inability to eat and digest food, heart bacterial infections, and

it will kill you. Sound like fun?


Oxycodone is an semi-synthetic opioid analgesic, used primarily

in the treatment of pain.

Oxycontin has... one of the side effects listed above? Whoever

wrote that is mentally handicapped.

Use in moderation, you'll be fine...

As an Oxycontin addict I can tell you that its not called "poor

man's heroin". In fact it is extremely expensive. It costs about

thirty dollars a pill on the street. Also those aren't side effects

of Oxycontin except for constipation.

From mine and my husbands experience as well as our friends who

use this is what its like, it will most likely put you in financial

ruin, we have to spend around a thousand dollars a week and have

run up thousands of dollars in debt. At first its fun. the first

high is the best feeling in the world, and then after that you just

keep wanting that same feeling back but its never quite as good.

When you first start you think you can quit at any time but you

don't want to then you get physically addicted and that's just

awful because as soon as you wake up your withdrawing, sweating,

shaking, nausea, weakness, hot and cold flashes, with your eyes and

nose watering and you can't stop yawning, you just want to crawl

out of your skin. It kinda feels like the worst flu you'll ever

have. So now your spending all this money so you don't withdrawl

and your not even getting high anymore. That's what its like being

addicted to Oxycontin it sucks.


It's freaking Awesome, IMO....

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