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with the champion's league, eufa cup/europa league and cup winners cup

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Q: What is it rangers can do it but Celtic can't Chelsea can Liverpool can't arsenal can villa can't man utd could do it but probably wouldn't want to?
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How big is Liverpool fc fan base?

Certainly bigger than the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Rangers, Tottenham and Celtic. Not sure of the exact figure

Who are five players who have played for three different British teams in the Champions League?

henning berg (man utd, blackburn, rangers) chris sutton (celtic, blackburn, chelsea) david batty (newcastle, leeds, blackburn) nicolas anelka (chelsea, liverpool, arsenal)

Who is a good football team?

Rangers , Celtic Manchester united , arsenal , Chelsea , Liverpool are all very good teams in great Britain The Indiana have been at the super bowl many times; they also have great passes and throws.

Which English premier teams are based in London?

Arsenal, Chelsea, Queens Park Rangers(QPR), Fulham, Tottenham Hotspur

What football team in Scotland has the biggest fan base?

Glasgow Celtic having the largest stadium capacity have a weekly crowd of 60,000 . Next is Glasgow Rangers at 50,000. Glasgow Rangers have the largest fanbase in Scotland and the fourth largest in UK at 1.5M (Man Utd = 4.3M, Liverpool = 3.2M, Arsenal = 2.3M, Rangers 1.5M, Chelsea 1.45M, Celtic = 1.4m).

What player played in spurs v arsenal and rangers v Celtic and Liverpool v everton and villa v Birmingham?

Robbie keane

Which British city has had 2 teams in European CupChampions League in same year?

London is one (Arsenal and Chelsea); Glasgow another (Rangers and Celtic).

Football teams in london?

Arsenal Chelsea Fulham Tottenham Queens par rangers West ham Crystal palace Millwall Charlton athletic

What are all the teams in the prem?

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Wolves, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Wigan Athletic, Stoke City, Bolton, Everton, Queens Park Rangers, Sunderland, Norwich City, Swansea, Fulham, West Bromwich Albion, Blackburn, Tottenham

Which soccer team has a larger fan base Rangers or Liverpool?


Who has biggest global fanbase rangers or Liverpool?

Liverpool 4 sure

Rangers versus Liverpool FC?

Liverpool won 8-0

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