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What is it when your always tired and want to sleep?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-16 23:47:38

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You could possibly be depressed or have a low thyroid.

2007-06-16 23:47:38
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Q: What is it when your always tired and want to sleep?
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Does plavix make you tired?

I have been tired since being on plavix and I am always tired and sleep a lot.

You want to sleep?

Yes. Im Tired

In the sentence you want to sleep when you are tired the words to sleep are aan?

In the sentence you want to sleep when you are tired the words to sleep are an irregular verb. Verbs who do not follow the typical pattern for conjugation are called irregular verbs.

In the sentence 'I want to sleep when I am tired' what is the verb to sleep?

It is an infinitive used as a direct object. (I want what? To sleep.)

Always feeling sleepy and tired?

No, I tend to sleep when I'm tired and feel better afterward.

How do you tell if you are tired?

Generally, you want to go to sleep.

If you get a lot of sleep will it reduce bags under your eyes?

Not always but you do need sleep when you feel tired.

Why do I feel tired?

Your body didn't get much sleep. and you want to get more sleep b/c you do... :)

Why do you always feel tired?

Because our bodies heel and recoup while we sleep.

How do you have the baby on babyz on the ds go to sleep?

They won't sleep unless they're tired. if you want to be able to make them tired, and do much more, download petza from Sherlock software.

Why are people always tired during the day?

The biggest reason is not getting enough sleep at night.

What is the verb in the sentence I am tired and want to sleep?

The verbs are : AM - (verb to be) first predicate WANT - (verb to want) second predicate of the compound form TO SLEEP - infinitive used as the direct object

How can people not sleep and not be tired?

There is no way you can avoid sleep and not be tired. Sleep is the body's natural way of restoring energy and rejuvenating itself. If you don't sleep enough, you'll be tired all the time.

If you want to have an all nighter on New Year's Eve are you able to have alcohol and when you get tired have no doz?

No. The only thing that will help when you get tired is to get some sleep.

What is construct sleep?

construct sleeping in when you are really tired and really need sleep and you cant sleep cause your so tired

Why cant you sleep even though your tired?

Because the mind is not tired and the body ache from being tired is a distraction to be able to sleep.

How could sleep patterns be a roadblock to learning?

If you go to sleep late at night you end up getting up for school tired and wanting to sleep in class. If you go to sleep early and get up in a good mood then you will want to do your work or be more into doing your work then you would if you were tired.

Analogy of tired?

tired : sleep as hungry : eat

I have a headache but i have to stay at the computer and im at school what can i do to get rid of it i think its because im tired?

It could be due to to you being tired, your brain cells just want to shut down if you didnt get enough rest. When you don't get enough sleep your body wants to shut down and sleep. You have a headache because your brain is tired and you need to sleep. When it's time for you to go to sleep you should sleep.

Lyrics to song with the first line I am getting tired so I can sleep I want to sleep so I can dream of you?

Is it this one?I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep Lyricsby . From This is the ArmyI'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep byOut on a hike all day, dearPart of the army grindWeary and long the way, dearBut really I don't mindI'm getting tired so I can sleepI want to sleep so I can dreamI want to dream so I can be with youI've got your picture by my bed'Twill soon be placed beneath my headTo keep me company the whole night throughFor a little while, whatever befallsI will see your smile till reveille callsI hope you're tired enough to sleepAnd please sleep long enough to dreamAnd look for me for I'll be dreaming too

What cause of not sleep in right time?

this is if you always watch tv or reading there were times that you always want to move than to sleep you want to read or something this is a sickness :)

How come I have to get 12 hours of sleep or I'll be tired all day and not want to do anything?

If you need to get 12 hours of sleep then you should see a doctor. It is not normal to feel tired all the time. You may be anemic.

Sleep is to tired as is to hungry?

We sleep when we are tired. Likewise, we eat when we are hungry

Why are you always feeling tired?

When you don't get enough sleep or you are often stressed out, you need time to rest and have time to relax and if you go to sleep you'll feel better.

What is a hyperbole for you were so tired?

is I was so tired that I could sleep on a bed of redII could sleep on Mount Everest