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You could possibly be depressed or have a low thyroid.

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Q: What is it when your always tired and want to sleep?
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In the sentence 'I want to sleep when I am tired' what is the verb to sleep?

It is an infinitive used as a direct object. (I want what? To sleep.)

You want to sleep?

Yes. Im Tired

In the sentence you want to sleep when you are tired the words to sleep are aan?

In the sentence you want to sleep when you are tired the words to sleep are an irregular verb. Verbs who do not follow the typical pattern for conjugation are called irregular verbs.

How do you tell if you are tired?

Generally, you want to go to sleep.

If you get a lot of sleep will it reduce bags under your eyes?

Not always but you do need sleep when you feel tired.

Why do I feel tired?

Your body didn't get much sleep. and you want to get more sleep b/c you do... :)

Why do you always feel tired?

Because our bodies heel and recoup while we sleep.

How do you have the baby on babyz on the ds go to sleep?

They won't sleep unless they're tired. if you want to be able to make them tired, and do much more, download petza from Sherlock software.

Why are people always tired during the day?

The biggest reason is not getting enough sleep at night.

When do eagles sleep?

when they become tired!

If you want to have an all nighter on New Year's Eve are you able to have alcohol and when you get tired have no doz?

No. The only thing that will help when you get tired is to get some sleep.

What is the verb in the sentence I am tired and want to sleep?

The verbs are : AM - (verb to be) first predicate WANT - (verb to want) second predicate of the compound form TO SLEEP - infinitive used as the direct object

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