What is juvenile appetite disorder?

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No information about juvenile appetite disorder can be found, other than in connection to a case against a mother charged with murder in the death of her 13-year-old son. The cause of death was starvation due to "untreated juvenile appetite disorder." The disorder was not explained, nor is the term found except in connection to this one particular case.
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Are there any mental disorders commonly found in juvenile delinquents?

Oppositional defiant disorder, ADHD, the beginnings of sociological disorders, paranoia, separation issues, trust issues, etc... Look under the DSM IV, its the diagnostic criterion for psychiatrists Abusive behavior from a parent to the problem child is a disorder in the parent passed onto the chil ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of juvenile?

The general answer is that a juvenile is any individual under the age of adulthood under the laws of the state or nation they are in. In the United States and in most nations today, people stop being a juvenile on their 18th birthday. In Japan the age is 20. . If you are talking about criminal just ( Full Answer )

How can you curb your appetite?

drink plenty of water and/or tea. Eat foods high in protein to keep you full longer or fill up on veggies.

How do you stimulate appetite?

This blogger identifies with this issue and offers some tips onstimulating appetite: "In light of my experience, and because I know there are others outthere who dream of one day having curves of their own, here are myown set of tips on how to deal with a loss of appetite: . Go to the grocery stor ( Full Answer )

How can you suppress your appetite?

I've been using Sensa for almost a month now. Basically, its a powder you sprinkle over your food to help with portion control. My mom gave it to me on my birthday, but I'm pretty sure you can find it on QVC. If not, Google it. My problem has always been overeating... it seems to take a lot for me t ( Full Answer )

What are juveniles?

Juvenile(s) and/or minor(s) are the plural legal term for anyone under the age of majority in their state or municipality. For the most part the age is 18 years old in most states, 17 in some states, and 19 in only one state.

How can you increase your appetite?

Well, it is illegal, but canibis might work. . You can increase your appetite by having sexual intercourse. . Here are a few sure-fire ways to increase one's appetite: . Exercise -- burning calories means you'll be hungry for additional fuel. . Smoke marijuana -- THC, the active ingredient i ( Full Answer )

Is it 'wet' your appetite or 'whet' your appetite?

The correct form in "to whet your appetite". "Whet" means to hone or to make more keen or stimulated, whereas "wet" means to cover or soak with water. a whet "wet" rock is used to sharpen knives. the stone or rock is actually wet with water or oil to lubricate & cool the material bing sharpened

Why is my appetite gone?

there are a lot of reasons for loss of appetite. 1. indigestion 2. depression 3. anxiety. 4. the look of unappetising food. 5. bowels have not been cleared for quite sometime. 6.mood swings. 7. grief.

How do you curb your appetite?

Some healthy ways to curb your appetite include eating high fiberfoods and drinking plenty of water. It is also helpful to eat fruitif craving sweets.

What is a cougars appetite?

Cougars have a strong appetite. They are meat eaters and prey ondeer, elk, sheep, goat, and other animals. They may kill one ofeach per week.

What is a juvenile caution?

One might imagine a warning of potential hazards or risks that in a given product or attraction might be harmful to kids but not to adults- Pg-l3 plus films, size and height requirements on some amusement rides (usually indicated with stick-figure dummies if your as tall as me you can go on this rid ( Full Answer )

What is juvenile victimization?

Juvenile victimization is any instance where a juvenile is targetedin a crime. Victimization can take the form of abuse, murder, andbrainwashing.

What are appetite suppressants?

appetite suppressant is a tablet either pharmiceutical or natural that tricks the brain into feeling fuller than you actually are. They are very way to aid in weight loss , along with a proper diet and exercise. They will help to stop snacking

How can you regain your appetite?

Regaining your appetite will depend on the reason you lost yourappetite. Once you know what caused your lack of appetite, you canfigure out ways to regain it.

What is appetite?

"Appetite" is defined as the desire to eat, while "hunger" is defined as the physical need for food. Appetite is often mistaken for hunger.

What is an appetite?

A feeling of craving something, the term "appetite" is most commonly used in the context of an appetite for food or drink.

What is juvenile diabetes?

this was the un PC name for type 1 ddiabetes as doctors only saw youth getting this type

How do you lose your appetite?

Everyone has a chance of losing weight even though sometimes it is tough for some individuals. If someone cannot lose weight after many attempts, then another approach would be highly recommended. Each individuals have different capacity to respond. The best way would be curbing your appetite. Losin ( Full Answer )

What if you don't have an appetite?

dont eat same thing with me i eat 1 meal a day There can be many reasons for appetite loss such as stress or a cold or flu. Some medications like certain antibiotics and amphetamines can also cause this. There are more serious possibilities like low thyroid function, or liver disease. Also, this i ( Full Answer )

What is a juvenile trial?

A juvenile trial means that the individual is being tried with the penalites that would apply if the crime is committed by a juvenile. There are different penalties for juveniles and adults. Many times juveniles can be tried as adults, so in a 'juvenile trial' they are being tried as a juvenile and ( Full Answer )

What is the appetite of Tiger?

A really hungry tiger can eat upwards of seventy pounds of meat a day.. Additional Info: Tigers can consume between, 35 and 90 pounds of meat in a night. If the tiger, and it's kill are left undisturbed, the tiger may return the next night or, until the carcass is consumed. But, usually a tiger wil ( Full Answer )

What is a juvenile kangaroo?

The name for a juvenile kangaroo is "joey", which is the name given to all marsupial young.

What is disorder?

when any part of the body declined from its normal way of working due to any reason is known disorder.

How do you decrease your appetite?

Eat a piece of whole wheat bread dipped in olive oil before a meal, it will fill your stomach and you will eat less.

Is loss of appetite an eating disorder?

Eh, not as far as i know! But i could be wrong... Maybe your thinking of anorexia? THAT is an eating disorder but not necessarily a loss of appetite. Sorry if i didn't answer correctly! :)

What is a juveniles?

Juveniles are the young of an animal species. For example, a juvenile kangaroo is not fully grown or developed.. In law, the term juvenile refers to a minor, a person who is under the age of 18.

What does a juvenile counselor do?

Given the various meanings of both words, it could apply to a camp counselor, or something akin to a shop instructor, athletic coach, guidance counselor at a school or college, etc.

What is appetite suppressing?

When referring to appetite suppressants, one is referring to a weight loss pill in which the ingredient blocks the neurotransmitters of the brain to make the you believe that the stomach is full.

Why lost of appetite?

Stress is the major reason for appetite loss. Usually it does not continue for a long peridos of time, depending on the kind of problem/concer one encounters. Just try to calm yourself and look at the problem from different prespectives. As soon as you come up with a solution, you will return back t ( Full Answer )

What are some gastrointestinal tract disorders that include abdomen pain and loss of appetite?

Abdominal pain and loss of appetite are very unspecific symptoms.They can stem from pretty much any disorder in thegastroinstestinal tract, and even from disorders elsewhere in thebody. A common gastrointestinal infection by rota- or noroviruses("stomach flu") for example can feel bad but might cure ( Full Answer )

What are juvenile lawbreakers?

Juvenile delinquents that commit crimes- criminal acts that would be classed as felonies or serious crimes if commited by adults- Robbery, auto theft, assault and battery, etc. To be distinguised from status offenses, such as smoking or underage drinking, which would NOT be crimes if commited by adu ( Full Answer )

Did juvenile get killed?

Accidents of war, certainly, bombs hitting schools by accident, bus and other vehicles accidentally hitting road mines, etc. It happens.

What is an appetitive value?

This refers to the desirable nature of food and water that satisfies one's hunger and thirst. also known as survival value, appetitive value is necessary for individual survival.

How do you get an appetite?

Various appetite stimulant medications are available if there is a medical condition suppressing the appetite, such as dementia, cancer or cancer therapy, AIDS, etc. The three most often prescribed have been: Remerol Marinol Megace And in some states: Medical Marijuana Also: S ( Full Answer )

Why juveniles do drugs?

Juveniles do drugs because they are depressed and upset with what they have done with their lives (and if you are reading this answer, or searched up this question, then you are probably feel the same way).

What disorder occurs in juvenile arthritis?

the synovial membrane becomes intensely inflamed. Usually thin and delicate, the synovium becomes thick and stiff, with numerous infoldings on its surface. The membrane becomes invaded by white blood cells

What are juvenile case?

Anything, legal, moral, even funerary, involving people under l8. Juvenile Case is a sort of euphemism for the funeral arrangements for a child.

Is appetite an adverb?

No, the word "appetite" is a noun. 'Appetite' is a noun. She has a healthy appetite .

How do you get a bigger appetite?

Eat meals more frequently, gain weight, in-turn your body will need more calories to stay at the same weight (or continue to grow) therefore making you want and need to eat more.

Can juveniles be hancuffed?

Yes, but only by the police, or other law enforcement. Any other person might be considered child abuse.

How do you use juvenile?

It is an adjective which means young. "The juvenile members of the species lack the markings typical of the adult."

How do you get juvenile diabetes?

Being overweight is not a factor in Juvenile Diabetes. Beingoverweight can play a role in developing Type 2 Diabetes (JuvenileDiabtes is also knows as Type 1 Diabtes) No one actually knows whatcauses Juvenile Diabets, But genetics can play a role. I did notknow diabetes ran in my family on both side ( Full Answer )

Is appetite a noun?

Yes, the word 'appetite' is a noun ; a word for thedesire for food or drink; the desire or inclination for something.

What is a juvenile gecko?

\n. A juvenile is an animal that is past the baby stages of life but not quite reaching adulthood. This would be the toddler stage of a human. Soon the animal will reach sub adult, meaning they are almost ready for breeding, and then adulthood.

What is juvenile law?

law applicable only to any person not having yet reached the age of legal maturity (under 18 in most countries, incl. USA)

What is a disorder?

A disorder is a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning in an organism, like when a person has down syndrome for example. It is a disorder that happens with in the body.