What is juvenile like?

Updated: 3/23/2024
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Juvie, Juvenile Hall, or Juvenile Detention, as it's properly termed, is a center where juveniles are kept until their cases are disposed of. In most states juveniles are kept up to 21 days unless a Judge says otherwise. The architecture of a juvenile detention center varies from state to state, but often are less secure than adult detention centers (jails). Instead of the typical jail bars or solid steel jail doors there are hard doors and thick glass. JDC's normally have classrooms, activity rooms and dorms or 2-person rooms (cells) which, like an adult jail, will typically have a secure sink, toilet (or combination units), and mirrors made of reflective steel rather than glass.

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Juvenile typically refers to someone who is young, not yet fully mature or developed. In terms of criminal justice, juvenile delinquency refers to illegal or antisocial behavior by minors.

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Q: What is juvenile like?
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