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Anything from a person's legs kicking the ground to run, or kicking a ball.

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Q: What is kinetic energy in soccer?
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What science energy do you give to a soccer ball when you kick it?

Kinetic Energy

How does kenetic and potential energy affect soccer in general?

In soccer, you have a soccer ball. The ball has potential energy. When you kick the ball, the potential becomes kinetic energy and the ball moves. However, your foot has potential energy as well (all matter has potential energy because all matter has the potential to move). When you kick with your foot that potential energy becomes kinetic energy. When the soccer ball is on the ground it actually has no potential energy because potential energy is only associated with height. When the ball is kicked however the kinetic energy from the player is passed on to the ball. That kinetic energy makes the ball move. If the ball is kicked into the air then the kinetic energy is passed on and some of that kinetic energy transforms into potential energy and kinetic.

Do a soccer ball have energy?

Yes. Air pressure in the ball. Kinetic energy if moving.

When you kick a soccer ball is it kinetic energy?

yes, it is because kinetic energy is manual movement, plus i think it has something do do with spheres

Types of energy used in soccer?

Chemical to kinetic to gravitational potential

A soccer player sprinting down the field demonstrates which form of energy?


When you kick a soccer ball you give it potential energy kinetic energy friction?

Yes the reson is that the kenitic energy is a manual movement

Examples of kinetic energy?

Boy running, kicking a ball, dancing, riding a bike, using fireworks, kicking a soccer ball, a bird flying. Kinetic energy is energy of matter in motion.

What do you use more potential or kinetic energy to play soccer?

The potential energy of the food you ate is transformed into kinetic energy which is used to put the ball on goal, make the save or kick the pass.

Is a real car a kinetic energy?

No. A real car IS not kinetic energy, but it HAS kinetic energy.No. A real car IS not kinetic energy, but it HAS kinetic energy.No. A real car IS not kinetic energy, but it HAS kinetic energy.No. A real car IS not kinetic energy, but it HAS kinetic energy.

Objects with a small amount of kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is the energy an object has due to its mass and its velocity. Kinetic energy is calculated with the equation: Ek = ½ mv² Since kinetic energy is proportional to mass and velocity, any object moving very slowly has a small amount of kinetic energy. Also, any very small object normally has a small amount of kinetic energy. For example, a soccer ball rolling down a hill might have a relatively small amount of kinetic energy.

How is soccer related to science?

When yo shoot or kick the soccer ball you are transfering energy. When your foot swings back it is storing energy. This is called potential energy. When you kick the ball and it goes forward this is called kinetic energy.

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