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It's fist of the five kingdoms of organism . It consists of bacteria.fore more go to h t t p : / / w w w . b u z z l e . c o m/articles/monera-characteristics.html it told me about it

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What kingdon does a bacteria fit in?

It falls into the kingdom, prokaryotic (monera)It falls into the kingdom, prokaryotic (monera)It falls into the kingdom, prokaryotic (monera)It falls into the kingdom, prokaryotic (monera)It falls into the kingdom, prokaryotic (monera)It falls into the kingdom, prokaryotic (monera)

What is it that all organisms in the Monera kingdom are missing?

Monera kingdom

Is kingdom monera unicellular or multicellular?

kingdom monera is unicellular

Is monera the name of a biological kingdom?

is the monera the name of biological kingdom

What are creatures in the kingdom Monera?


Is the monera kingdom unicellular or multicellular?

The kingdom Monera consists of unicellular organisms.

What kind of organisms are in the monera kingdom?

Monera used to be the Kingdom classification for bacteria

Why is the amoeba not in the kingdom monera?

Amoeba acts, eats, feels, and uses its body differently than the monera kingdom. Therefore, it is not in the same kingdom as monera

What is the kingdom of monera?

The kingdom Monera is one of the kingdoms on the tree of life. Monera is made out of 10 000 species of bacteria.

What living things are classified in the monera kingdom?

the kingdom monera is nothing without the bacterias

Is the monera kingdom prokaryote or eukaryote?

The definition of Kingdom Monera is that it is made up of prokaryotes.

What does kingdom monera eat?

The kingdom monera does not eat anything. Monera includes bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes, and organisms that do not have a nuclear membrane.

What kingdom is bacillis in?

kingdom monera

What is the kingdom of prokaryotes?

Kingdom Monera

What kingdom is Prokaryotes in?

Kingdom Monera

What are some examples of organisms in the Kingdom Monera?

Kingdom Monera is a strange kingdom according to my research. Kingdom Monera contains both domains Achaea and Bacteria although both are prokaryotic cells.

What are the kingdoms of monera?

Monera is a kingdom so it does not have its own kingdoms it just has characteristics of itself in the kingdom

What is the phylum of kingdom monera?

Kingdom Monera is higher category than a phyllum , your question is wrong .

Did Herbert Copeland create Kingdom Monera?

as of my research about this question, they say that the one who is responsible for the creation of kingdom monera was herberts father. it was Edwin copeland who created the kingdom monera.

What is monera and how many groups inside the kingdom?

Monera is a kingdom and there are 6 groups inside the kingdom. One is chicken guts.

How many species are there of monera?

there are about 10,000 species in the monera kingdom.

Why is monera not a kingdom anymore?

Monera has been divided into two separate kingdoms, which are eubacteria and archaebacteria. This 5 kingdom system made monera obsolete.

Which kingdom contains bacteria?

Kingdom monera

Algae belongs to which kingdom?

Kingdom Monera

From what kingdom does virus below?

Kingdom Monera