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I have had the timing belt go bad and the front axles. Other than that mostly have just put maintenence into the car. There is however a recall for windshield wipers and I did have those go bad but Nissan replaced them for free.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 16:38:46
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Q: What is known to go bad on a 96 Nissan 200sx ser with about 83000 miles on it?
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What are the mileage intervals to change the timing belt on a 1998 Nissan 1998 Nissan 200sx?

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How to change out the front seal on a Nissan 200SX?

I have replaced the front engine seal twice on my 95 200sx 1.6L, once around 50,000 and again around 160,000. This seems to be an inherent problem with this car that Nissan won't admit. I replaced the seal both times with what Nissan called 'a better seal' but it still leaks to this day. I don't think there is a good solution except if you replace it get the part from Nissan and don't over fill the oil and monitor the amount of leakage. If it gets to bad the oil can get tossed up into the alternator and can ruin the alternator like it did mine at 160,000 miles. I have 200,050 mile on my 95 200sx and still rolling, yes it leaks a little oil.

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Where can you find a graphic to replace the timing chain on a 96 Nissan 200SX SER with a 20 liter?

The owners manual for my 1995 200 SX SE-R indicates that timing "chain" does not need replacement. Unlike timing "belts" found on many cars which likely require replacement at 60,000 or 100,000 miles.

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