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Q: What is latin for 'little crown?
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What is the crown of light around the sun?

That is called "corona" - the Latin word for "crown".That is called "corona" - the Latin word for "crown".That is called "corona" - the Latin word for "crown".That is called "corona" - the Latin word for "crown".

What is Latin for crown?

The latin for crown is corona -ae (fem).

Latin King Crown?

Latin king Crown HAs 5 points on it

What is the Latin root word for 'a crown'?

The Latin word for a 'crown' is 'corona' ('coronae', if plural).

What is Corina in Spanish?

The word 'corona' has a Latin root. It means 'crown'. Similar words using this root are 'Coronation - the crowning of a monarch' and 'Coronet - a little crown'. The Spanish word for 'corona' is also 'corona' . The Spanish word for 'coronation' is 'coronacion'.

What is ancanthaster planci?

That is the Latin name for the crown-of-thorns starfish.

What is the meaning of the nine pointed crown tattoo?

latin kings

5 point crown tattoo?

The 5 point crown has nothing to do with the Folk Nation. Maybe you should do a little research so you are better informed. The 5 point crown is used by latin kings (people) The 5point star as well (people) The Six point star or pitchforks pointing north is for (Folks) know your gang symbols before you look ridiculous.

What is the Latin meaning of cerebellum?

Latin for little brain

How can you get jumped out of latin king?

You can get jumped when your a latin king if you let go of your crown , well attempt to , you can't really let go of your crown your basically crowned for life. But usually you get beat if you mess up or if you want to become a Latin King , you usually get beaten the hell out of members apart of the gang.

How do you say Laura loughran in latin or normal?

It means CROWN OF BEAUTY He will hold you aloft in His hands for all to soe; a splendid crown for the King of Kings.

What does the prefix coron mean?

The prefix "coron" means "crown" or "corona." It is derived from Latin and is often used to indicate something related to a crown or circular shape, as in the words "coronation" or "coronavirus."