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What is lava made of?

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Lava is a 'soup' of molten rock, consisting of varying amounts of mineral constituents such as silicon, potassium magnesium, aluminum, oxygen, iron, and calcium.

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What is a lava flow made out of?

A lava flow is made out of molten rock.

Where is lava made?

Lava is just molten rock and it is usually made in volcanoes.

What is the lava in a lava lamp made of?

Oil and wax.

How is obsidian made?

is made of lava

What do cientist believe Jupiter is made of?

Jupiter is made with hot lava scientist thought it was made of rock but its not its made of hot lava

What is hot lava made out of?

Hot lava is made out of melted rock and issues in the inner core.

Why do igneous rocks not contain fossils?

because its made from lava.

Is composite volcano made of entirely running lava?

Shield Volcanoes are made out of running lava. Not composite.

What is lava rock made of?

Cooled lava from a volcano or the Earth's mantle.

What are lava and magma made of?

Lava and magma are composed of molten rock.

Extrusive igneous rock are made from?

Extrusive Igneous rock is made from lava. Intrusive Igneous rock is made from magma. Magma and Lava are similar but magma is inside earth and lava is on the outside.

Why is a lava dome called a lava dome?

A lava dome is a dome-shaped structure that is formed when a volcano extrudes extremely viscous lava. Thus it is a dome made of lava.

What is the lava inside a lava lamp made of?

Water, wax, and carbon tetrachloride.

What is a peridot made of?

Usually, a peridot is made of lava.

What Igneous rock are made out of what?

it is made out of cooled lava

Is lava just like fire?

No, lava is molten (melted) rock. lava is liquid but fire is made up of gases

Why aren't igneous rocks affected by lava?

Igneous rocks aren't affected by lava because they are made of cooled lava.

What are lava rocks made of?

Lava rocks are made of basalt, which is made from andesite and dacite. Basalt will come in a wide variety of textures as well as colors.

What is lava flow made out of?

A lava flow consists of extremely hot molten rock.

Which layer of the earth is made out of lava?

lava comes from which layer of earth? Type your answer here...

What is the lava in the lava lamps?

Colored paraffin wax and waterThe lava in a lava lamp is made out of oil, water, and carbon tetrachloride, commonly used in fire extinguishers.

How is sedimentary rock relate to magma and lava?

because half of it is made of frozen or either hardend lava so it is related to lava

What is made in the core of the earth?


What is lava made from?

burning rocks

What are mountains made of lava?

they are volcanos.