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O3 - Ozone is left in the air in the vicinity of the strike. If the lightning strikes solid stone and other hard materials it can leave a black or white char mark. If it strikes sand it can produce glass.

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What happens when lightning strikes the ground?

If lightning strikes sand, glass is formed.

Will a plane crash if lightning strikes?

Yeah, a plane will crash if lightning strikes it.

When was Lightning Strikes Again created?

Lightning Strikes Again was created in 2007.

Is vulnerable to damage from lightning strikes?

Everything Is vulnerable to damage from lightning strikes

Which state has the highest rate of lightning strikes?

Florida has the highest rate of lightning strikes.

What is the duration of Before the Lightning Strikes?

The duration of Before the Lightning Strikes is 1.6 hours.

What continent gets the most lightning strikes?

Africa gets the most lightning strikes.

When was Lightning Strikes Twice created?

Lightning Strikes Twice was created in 1989-09.

Do electronics affect the way lightning strikes?

Electronics would not affect the way lightning strikes.

When was Before the Lightning Strikes created?

Before the Lightning Strikes was created on 1959-10-04.

How many strikes of lightning are there in one second?

Lightning strikes about 100 times per second.

How many bushfire's are started by lightning strikes?

About 3,000 fires a year are started by lightning strikes.

What to avoid when lightning strikes?

Trees, tall buildings, large clearings. Lightning strikes the tallest point.

Which US state has the most lightning strikes per month?

Florida has the most lightning strikes in the nation as well as the most deaths by lightning.

When was Lightning Strikes - Aceyalone album - created?

Lightning Strikes - Aceyalone album - was created in 2006.

What has the author Lacy Dancer written?

Lacy Dancer has written: 'Lightning strikes twice' 'Lightning strikes twice'

When was Lightning Strikes - Aerosmith song - created?

Lightning Strikes - Aerosmith song - was created in 1982.

What is lightning facilities?

its where a facility sees where lightning strikes and if it is bad or not

Are weeping willow trees prone to lightning strikes?

They are prone to lightning strikes. The high water content of willows makes them relatively good electrical conductors and so they get more than their share of lightning strikes.

What happens when lightning strikes a lightning rod?

Since Ben Franklin invented the lightning rod by using a kite & a key,if lightning strikes a lightning rod,the electricity will travel through the rod,then powers the house.

How many lightning strikes occur worldwide every second?

100 Lightning Strikes occur per second on earth.

How many lightning strikes does florida get a year?

Florida gets about 1,447,914 cloud-to-ground lightning strikes per year

What is the biggest impact on when lightning strikes?

fire potatoes strike back against lightning strikes find this book at your bookfair

What are the release dates for When Lightning Strikes - 1992 TV?

When Lightning Strikes - 1992 TV was released on: USA: 1992

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