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What is legally required of an employer when an employee is injured at work?


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The employer is required to provide the injured person with a "injury report/accident report" one copy for their personnel files, and one for the injured. The employer is also to provide the insured with compensation for lost wages due to the injury as well as payment for any medical bills or phamacy charges if incurred by the injured, or provide a workers' compensation insurance for the injured person. Well then, to follow that, what can an injured employee do if an emoloyer does not do these things and instead, lays that person off?


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An employer is legally allowed to ask an employee why he or she is calling out sick. In addition, they can ask for evidence on the same including a letter from the doctor.

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Legally, though local laws may vary, the employer can require the employee to report to work in a uniform without providing any assistance to the employee to acquire that uniform. Ethics of this situation are debatable. Ultimately, either you want to work there or you don't.

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He can get away with forgetting. as long as he pays on demand.

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