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The employer is required to provide the injured person with a "injury report/accident report" one copy for their personnel files, and one for the injured. The employer is also to provide the insured with compensation for lost wages due to the injury as well as payment for any medical bills or phamacy charges if incurred by the injured, or provide a workers' compensation insurance for the injured person. Well then, to follow that, what can an injured employee do if an emoloyer does not do these things and instead, lays that person off?

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Q: What is legally required of an employer when an employee is injured at work?
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If an employee was injured while under the influence of drugs and the employer was not aware of the drug use does workmen's comp apply?

legally no, since no one knows about it. Morally, yes.

Is an employer legally allowed to ask an employee why he orshe is calling out sick?

An employer is legally allowed to ask an employee why he or she is calling out sick. In addition, they can ask for evidence on the same including a letter from the doctor.

What are the repercussions when an employer discusses an employee's employment status with another employee?

Legally? There are none for the employer. Employee status is not secret or confidential - expect no privacy.

If an employer has a dress code requiring uniform should the employer or employee be required to pay the clothing?

Legally, though local laws may vary, the employer can require the employee to report to work in a uniform without providing any assistance to the employee to acquire that uniform. Ethics of this situation are debatable. Ultimately, either you want to work there or you don't.

Can an employer legally forget to pay an employee?

He can get away with forgetting. as long as he pays on demand.

Can an employer legally send an email to all other employees advising of a termination and the cause about the employee?


How is a termination challenged by an employee?

legally By filing an unemployment claim and if the state finds for the employer you can appeal the state's decision.

Can an employer ask if employee is taking medication?

Certainly. Employers are legally entitled to know if you pose a danger to self or others. EMployer violates no law by knowing what meds you take.

What can you do if you expect an old employer will give a negative reference?

Legally your previous employer cannot give a negative feedback to a potential new employer. All they can do is verify employment, dates of employment, and the position held by the employee.

Can you get laid off due to health issues?

If the health issues interfere with the ability to adequately do the job, the employer may lay off that employee. Employers are not legally required to support an individual who is less productive than what is expected.

Can an employer lay off after disability?

Legally, no, an employer should not lay off anyone after disability. However, it does happen. It particularly happens if the employee can no longer do his or her job correctly because of his or her disability.

What questions can a prospective employer legally ask a former employer for a reference check in Virginia?

The only questions that are truly legal are if the employee worked their and what their position was. They can also ask if they are eligible for rehire.

Would an auctioneer in the US be legally responsible if someone is injured at the auction if the auctioneer does NOT own the property?

No, the auctioneer would not be legally responsible if someone got hurt at an auction. The auctioneer is only an employee.

How long do past employers have to provide an employment verification to prospective employers?

To avoid any issues - legal, ethical, or otherwise - a past employer should provide employment verification for previous employees for as long as the employer is legally required to maintain records on that employee, which varies depending on the type of record and local laws.

How many hours can a factory legally keep you?

That depends on whether you are an employee or a manufactured product. If you are an employee, then your employer can't force you to do anything that you don't want to do, simply because you're an employee, not a slave. Whenever your employer asks you to do anything, you always have three choices for your resonse: 1). Comply 2). Negotiate 3). Walk

In Pennsylvania can an employer legally ask an employee for proof of marriage or divorce before adding or deleting insurance coverage for a dependent?

Yes, it is more likely it is the insurance provider's requirement rather than the employer.

What is the employer legally required to undertake with respect to risk assessement?

In the EU, the employer is explicitly required to perform a Risk Assessment. In the US a Risk assessment is not explicitly required in most instances, but must be performed, at least in an informal way, if the employer is to be able to determine which job functions are adequately protected and which need additional attention.

Who is legally responsible for carrying professional liability insurance coverage the employer or employee?

Neither, This is generally addressed in the terms of your employment. Sometimes the company will provide the coverage while other times The employee will. However, Most often, when working in the employ of another the employer will carry the necessary coverage.

In the state of Virginia can a employer legally bar you from employment because you have a criminal background?

Regardless of the state, no employer is required to hire anyone whom they do not wish to hire. It is not a civil rights issue.

Can an employer legally search an employee's purse?

No, unless the employer is the police.

Can an employer legally count your tips?

can employer leagly count your tips

What are the steps in terminating an employee legally?

The steps in terminating an employee legally include conducting a private session with the employee in the presence of a witness, preparing a final paycheck, and having the employee pick his belongings honorably.

Can an employer legally take an employee's phone while the employee is working?

They can't take something that belongs to you, but you should not be making personal calls while on the job. You could be fired for that.

Is employer required to have a bathroom for employees?

Your emploiyer is legally obliged to provide lavatory and hand-basin for his employers use this is enforced by the Act of Health and Safety

What is an example of a legally required employee benefit?

some are legally required. For example, employers must provide workers' compensation insurance, which pays the medical bills for job-related injuries and provides an income for employees who become disabled because of a job-related injury.