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It will expand and become a red giant.

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What is the life cycle of earths sun and where is it now in its life cycle?

middle age

What is the stage sun life cycle?


How does sun fit into the star life cycle?

the sun is a cool wave

What stage of the life cycle is the sun in?

The Sun is in the main sequence stage.

What is the next stage of the life cycle of the sun?

The Sun will become a red giant

Can you explain the life cycle of a sun flower?

it is an annual

What stage of life cycle of a star is your sun at?

Our Sun is about half way through it's life. It is on the main sequence.

What is the life cycle stages of our star the sun?

It is approx half-way through its 10 billion year life cycle.

Does a complete life cycle have only 4 stages?

Well, evry life cycle starts with the sun. It depends. Like sun, monkey, banana, and a banana eats nothing.

What is the life cycle of a sun bear?

Maybe 15 years?

What will the sun become in the next stage of its life cycle?


What is the life cycle of a sun like star?

Life cycle of a sun like star. A sun like star will start out as a nebula to a protostar to a main sequence star to a red giant and into a white dwarf and will simply fade out.

Why the sun important in the water cycle?

The sun is so critical to the water cycle because if their was no sun there would be no evaporation and the whole Water Cycle would collapse. It also is important because maybe there would be no more water in our life.

Where in the sun's life cycle is the sun?

The Sun is approximately halfway through its main-sequence process of evolution.

Is the sun or Antares farther along in its life cycle?

The Sun is halfway through it's life whereas Antares is nearing it's end.

What is the current stage of the life cycle of the sun?

The sun is middle aged. Our star is in the middle of its life cycle, and if you use the link below, you can easily read a short post on what you can expect as the sun ages. It's worth the short jump to Wikipedia to do that. Really.

Is the sun young or old?

in star life cycle terms its pretty young

What is the life cycle of coral?

coral's life cycle is fist there are little bumps fall off of the coral and get bared in the ground and if they get the right amount of sun light they will grow!

What part of the life cycle is the sun at now?

It is commonly understood that the sun, at 4.567 billion years is in it's mid-life, or about 1/2 way through it's life expectancy.

Is the sun halfway out of it's life cycle?

a conservative estimate would say yes

Why is the sun powered by nuclear fusion?

Because thats the part of its life cycle it is now in.

What happens during each stage of a plants life cycle?

it get water by rain and food from the sun

Which of the following will be the final stage in the sun and life cycle?

Most likely it will become a white dwarf.

When the sun reaches the end of its life cycle the expanded part will be released into space forming a .?


Does the sun give us light?

the sun does give off light,heat,gravity,water cycle, mass, life,and vital vitamins