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Photosynthesis can be divided into two part: light reaction is the first stage of photosynthesis, occurring only in the presence of light, during which energy captured from light drives the production of ATP.

dark reaction is the second stage of photosynthesis, not requiring light to occur, and during which energy released from ATP drives the production of organic molecules from carbon dioxide.

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the difference between light reaction and dark reaction is light reaction needs a light to produce food while the dark reaction dont need a light to produce food.

The bi product of the light reaction triggers the dark reaction.

It is the light reaction. Then they moves to dark reaction

why light reaction of photosynthesis is essential before the dark reaction can procced?

There must be a light reaction first before dark reaction. This is so that there is something to be compared.

light reaction needs light ,dark reaction (calvin) does not need night . but both hapens in daytime

light reaction=chlorophyll,light energy and water (H2O) dark reaction=carbon dioxide (CO2)

A light reaction is not as acidic and harsh whereas the dark reaction is heavy, acidic and more risky.

A dark reaction is done in the Calvin Cycle. Light is not needed at the time of the dark reaction but it also doesn't hinder the reaction if there is light at the time.So in short. Yes.

light reaction involves day light while dark reaction not neec light to complete

they are the same reaction :)

two stages of photosynthesis are light reaction ( in sun light ) and dark reaction (do not need sun light ) in light reaction plants traps sonlight ( photons ) and in dark reaction they form cabohydrates

without ATP and (NADPH +H+) WE cannot run the dark reaction.and this molecules are produced from the light reaction.

Dark reactions depends on light reaction because in dark reaction still needs light for photosynthesis. Dark reactions uses the ATP and NADH from light reactions to synthesize.

Dark reaction needs energy. this energy is supplied by light reaction

First one is light reaction. Second one is dark reaction

light reaction I, light reaction II, dark reaction (calvin cycle)

dark reaction is a reaction in which carbon dioxide is converted into glucose by using the end products of light reaction.

light-dependent phase or light reaction and dark reaction

The product of light reaction are Oxygen, Water, ATP and NADPH while Dark reaction is Glucose.

Light reaction and dark reaction(:

light reaction and dark reaction

The two reactions which occur during photosynthesis are light reaction and dark reaction. Light reaction takes place only in the presence of light. Dark reaction can occur with or without light.

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