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Kaminari shūkaku

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Q: What is lightning reaper when translated from English to Japanese?
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What is the word 'reaper' when translated from English to Japanese?

Well, soul reaper is pronounced Shinigami. (she-nee-ga-me) Shinigami means de ath god in Japanese. Reaper

What is the Japanese word for reaper?


What is 'Death Reaper' when translated from English to Italian?

La Morte Falciatrice is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "Death Reaper." The feminine singular phrase translates literally into English as "the death reaper" since Italian employs definite articles -- la in this case -- when English does not use "the." The pronunciation will be "la MOR-tey FAL-tcha-TREE-tchey" in Italian.

How do you say reaper of life in Japanese?


What is the Japanese pronunciation for grim reaper?


How was the grim reaper created?

In english Death is often given the name Grim Reaper

Who is kamatayan in English?

The grim reaper

What is the japanese name of a sword that a soul reaper on bleach uses?


What is 'reaper'?

The Latin equivalent of the English noun 'reaper' is messor. It's a masculine gender noun. It also may be translated as 'mower'. It's a derivative of the verb 'meto, metere', which means 'to reap, mow, harvest, gather'.

What is girl reaper in Japanese?

少女収穫 Shōjo shūkaku

What is the Japanese word for Soul Reaper?

The Japanese word for Soul Reaper as referenced in the animated series Bleach is Shinigami.YADA(no)!!! Shinigami translates as Death God. When Bleach was translated to English the publishers felt that "Death God" was an inappropriate title to use with young children watching, so the name was changed to "Soul Reaper" (theEnglish equivalent) to avoid any controversy. Sorry to correct the previous commentator, but the translation was not quite accurate. P.S. It's rare that English anime remains 100% true to it's original story, character names, and quite often scenes are cut or edited, so don't go place'in too much faith in those so-called "translated" anime. And one final note, I only posted this in relavince to accuratetranslations for those like myself whom wish to fully learn and understand the Japanese language. Although probably the most accurate translating company is FUNImation, though its not fully accurate its probably the most as it doesn't cut out scenes.

Japanese names that mean demon of death?

a bit morbid 死神 = Shinigami = grim reaper