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The Lingham is a phallic symbol that is part of some altars in Hinduism. The lingham itself is similar to a pestle and sits in the Yongi. which is a bowl-shaped ornament similar to a mortar and represents the vagina. The origin is from prehistoric instruments for making fire.

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Q: What is lingam in the Hindu religion?
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The phrase “lingam massage” has entered the public eye as a type of genital massage with Hindu influences, it doesn’t literally translate to the male reproductive organ. Lingam is actually a representation of the Hindu god Shiva, which happens to be phallic in shape. You can understand why it has come to mean penis to so many people. However, some Hindu practitioners still strongly associate the concept with Shiva. To them, using the word as part of the phrase “lingam massage” might seem offensive because it reduces the meaning.

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