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***imagery***- scene outside the window; something new approaches her

symbolism - open window, closed door, spring, clouds w/ patches in them as the light

comes through

personification irony - she finds the relief in Mallard's death but becomes heart-broken in the end, as

a result of the fact that he's alive

metaphor - like the goddess of Victory- descending the stairs (she subjugates society;

society decreases in her independent life)

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literary devices can portray the authors meaning and point of the story. Such things as similes, can show the comparison of two things in the story. literary devices also can shape the story and give it an overall tone.

Literary devices of a short story

Literary and narrative devices help create dynamic and interesting writing. Literary devices include: hyperbole, simile, analogy, metaphor, alliteration, etc.

Some literaty devices in the story are... Imagery and Allsuion.

The elements of a story and the devices used by authors

The elements of a story and the devices used by auth

The elements of a story and the devices used by authors

narrative and literary devices contributes to over all meaning of the story because expands the story and it add excitement to the reader so that it will be more delightful to the eyes of the reader.

literary devices in the raven

literary and narrative devices help create dynamic and interesting writing.Literary devices include:hyperbole,simile,analogy,metaphor,alliteration,etc.

Foreshadowing, Personification, allusion, and simile

literary devices are devices used to express a certain expression in literature

The literary devices in this poem are:- -Metaphor

Literary devices are found throughout the book.

what literary devices are in shakespeares sonnet 100

A few literary devices used in Sharon Creech's riveting story Walk Two Moons are foreshadowing, imagery, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphoric, irony, and more.

Literary devices are tools or techniques that a writer uses to enhance the story or to give more meaing to the story (eg figures of speech, foreshadowing, flashback, simile, metaphor, irony..).

what are the literary devices used in the poem from the emigrants

Literary devices are a way of enriching language and literature. It helps you think about the emotions in the story and compare one thing to another. These devices include alliteration, allusion personification, simile, amplification, metaphor, anagram, analogy, anastrophe, anecdote, and many more.

Literary devices are used in writing, and they are used to accentuate it. There are many literary devices, including metaphor and simile. These two devices compare two things, but simile uses "like" or "as" and a metaphor does not. For a list of literary devices,see related links.

literary divices are the tools and techniques of language that authors used to convey meaning.

The literary devices used are: alliteration,simile and personification

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