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What is living?


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it depends on what you mean by your question.

living your life to its best would be getting out there, having fun, falling in love, having breath taking moments, exploring, helping people to smile, smiling, laughing, and living your life to the best.

living by its self is to breath in freash air and have your heart beating.


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simple a living horse is living and a dead horse is non-living

NO CRYSTALS are not living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The moon is a non living organism

minerals are non-living

it is classified as dead, Living and non living

Organisms are living. Virus are not organisms and are not living.

If its made of cells and can grow, its living.

They are living things, but are replaced when they die.

Living with the Living was created on -20-10-09.

Seagrass is a living plant. Thanks.

not living and living because there is living organisms in water but if you consider living things bugs etc than no.

the scientific words for living and non-living things are biotic( living) and abiotic(non-living) your welcome:D

An egg is not a living thing, but if it had to be a chick then it would be living

No living cell can come from a non-living thing. No living thing of any kind can come from a non-living thing.

Fire is a non-living thing, though has a few qualities of living things.

yes it is living the bacteria in it makes it living

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