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What is lorenz high school?


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Lorenz is an online high school, offering online high school diploma program.


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Lorenz High School is an internationally accredited High School and is recognized and accepted globally.

Lorenz is an online high school and online high schools are just as real as traditional high schools.

Lorenz is an accredited school so yes it is recognized.

Lorenz is an online high school, the actual school is located online. However, they might have office(s) but these offices are used for administrative purposes only.

All private schools need to be accredited with an accreditation agency. Lorenz offers accredited high school diploma. This accreditation gives legitimacy to the educational credentials rewarded by an educational institute.

Online schools need to be accredited to reward high school diploma or any other educational credentials. Lorenz is an accredited school and accredited diplomas are recognized by board of education.

Dial 1-866-757-6467 to speak with their advisor

It is an online school they don't need to have a physical campus but even then may be they have some office or several in different cities.

If by real you mean that it is recognized, then yes it is recognized accredited online school. However, if you are confused about the "online" part of it then let me assure you that online schools are just as much real as any traditional school.

Online schools are gaining respect and trust so i think yes you should go for it. It is also a very good option for adults with no high school diploma and for homeschooled students.

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It looks like an online school to me so it is not necessary for them to have a physical presence in any State. They might have offices in every State but these places are generally used for administrative purposes or to facilitate admissions.

it is but its not worth it it is not recognized by the military or most colleges <><> Lorenz High School claims accreditation by 1) Accreditation Council for Distance Education (ACTDE) and 2) International Accreditation Association for Online Education (IAAFOE) both of which are unrecognized and fake agencies according to the Council on Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education (see the Related Link below) and you're advised to proceed with caution if dealing with them

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