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Nothing. 1st Law of Thermodynamics: energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.

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Potential to kinetic kinetic to potential Thermal to solar

It is called the transformation of energy.

There is a conversion from potential to kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy.

Potential energy transforms to kinetic energy then back again.

The energy transformation in a wind up toy is potential energy --> Kinetic energy

No. Rolling downhill is potential energy to kinetic energy.

We could describe eating as a process by which chemical potential energy in food is made available to the body for subsequent transformation into kinetic energy. Eating itself is not potential or kinetic energy, it is a biological process.

The most common unintentional energy transformation occurs between potential energy and kinetic energy

Its a transformation of kinetic energy to potential energy.

Potential energy- kinetic energy- heat energy- electric energy :)

Conversion of chemical (potential) energy to thermal (kinetic and waste) energy.

Kinetic energy is transformed in Potential elastic and back.

Potential - Kinetic - Potiential again as you drop the yo yo, the potential energy it had at its height is converted to kinetic energy. as it starts to come back up, it is converted back to potential energy

Potential energy is converted into kinetic energy.

energy transformation is ruled by energy conservation. For example, potential energy may transform to kinetic energy but the sum of both remains constant before and after transformation.

difference between Kinetic and Potential energy..Potential is stored energy. like Gravitational force is potential.Kinetic energy is energy of Motion. Kinetic is taken from Greek word meaning "move". the energy used during work done is kinetic and stored force is Potential energy.

kinetic energy transformation potential energy mechanical energy electrical energy chemical energy nuclear energy sound energy geothermal energy

transforms from potential energy to kinetic energy =]

kinetic energy (potential energy) which transfers to mechanical energy

The transformation of energy take place in hydropower plant includes:Potential energy -> kinetic energy-> electrical energy

thermal->Mechanical Kinetic->Electric Potential

1) at the top of the swing, the swinging object has all potential energy and no kinetic energy (no speed at that moment) while at the bottom there is no potential energy but a maximum in kinetic energy, so that the swinging object is fastest at the bottom.