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To me love in a relationship is the relationship whether it is in love or just love freinds and is the hearts encounter point in another. love is the only thing left that keeps the world going.Love is the ability God gave you to breathe every day when you wake up,and you know that smile you get everytime you look into your boyfreinds eyes that's love whether your in love or not it counts no matter the amount it is still love.Love in a relationship is everything you cant explain the feeling of love is confusing amazing and completely annoying all at the same timebut don't let that confuse you on how you should feel let love alwaya be there erase the hate and peace on earth.


Real love is much more than a feeling. Feelings are involved, but love is a profound human bond that also includes principles and values that never cease to grow if it is properly nurtured.

Real love does not carry us effortlessly through trials or differences in views, backgrounds, desires, and personalities. Love involves cooperation, humility, mildness, patience, etc. long-qualities that do not always come naturally or easily.

Storybook love is relatively easy; real love requires effort.

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Q: What is love in a relationship?
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Is love enough to keep a relationship going?

LOVE IS EVERY THING IN A RELATIONSHIP IF THE PERSON YOUR WITH DONT BELIVE IN LOVE THERE NOT GOOD FOR NOTHING AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WILL GO NO WERE. Answer If the love is great enough it can overcome many obstacles. Love IS EVERYTHING in a relationship because without it the relationship cannot flourish and be everlasting.

How do you say i would love to build a relationship with you?

I would love to build a relationship with you

What does taken mean?

taken means that are actually in a relationship..but not really in love... if you say i am in a love taKEN relationship means that you are in a relationship that u love you partner and your partner loves you back

Why is love more important to sustain a relationship?

Because when you love someone that relationship grows stronger. My theory is that love dominates us and we can not stop it so we embrace it and that is how relationships are made, so that is why love is important in a relationship.

What is a relationship in the temperate deciduous forest?

love love love

What is the difference between the relationship and love?

love is the connection with u and someone else - a relationship is with 2 people who are together and supposedly in love

What is the connection between love and relationship?

Yes, love can be a result of relationship.But relationship may not want love to come in between. You can make relationship for a reason, which you may not reveal.But love is independent.It doesn't abide by any rules snd regulation.

When to say i love you in a new relationship?

you say i love you when you know her/him is firm in the relationship and u r too

Relationship between love and sex?

You don't need love to have sex and for both participants to enjoy it. On the other hand you don't need to have sex to have love either. A sexual relationship is materialistic and a love relationship is more spiritual or emotional.

How do you tell a woman you love her when you are not in a relationship?

The way you tell a woman you love her when you are in a relationship is 1. Tell her you are in a relationship and then explain why you love her and then tell your companion the way you feel and I promise it will work out!

Does your first love necessarily have to be your first relationship?

Absolutely not. These things are complicated and your first love is your first love, regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship with that person.

How is a personal relationship different from a working relationship?

a personal relationship is more about love a working relationship most people just wanna have sex on their office desk and not tell anyone about their "love"

When should one back out from a love relationship?

You should back out of a love relationship when you are being abused, when you realize you do not love the other person, or when the relationship is no longer working. You should seriously consider backing out of the relationship if the other person cheats on you or does not treat you with respect.

I don't have to be with a person to have a love relationship?

You can love yourself:)

What is meant by the term love triangle?

A love triange is a relationship between three individuals. The three individuals in this relationship does not necessarily know about each person in the relationship.

What is a true loving relationship?

a true love relationship is someone who you can be with and tell him or her anything. A true loving relationship is also someone who can take care of you, and love you however you are!

What is the purpose of a relationship?


What is a love-hate relationship?

Hey there, A love/hate relationship is when you love them but then you hate them but then you love them etc, but to me a love/hate relationship,its when your with someone you have great feelings for and then at times he/she gets on your nerves but it doesnt matter to you because at the end of the day, that's the only person you want next to you either be happy or annoying.

How do bring love back to a relationship that is about to end?

you cant just bring love back, it has to be there. if it is gone then it is best the relationship ends

How do you know you are already in a relationship?

will when you are in a relationship you cant date anyone elese ok and the word relationship means Love and lots of things like that but if you say you love that persin you love that persin dont sleep with other people.

What comes after puppy love in a relationship?

Real true love:)

What Is Love in human relationship?

Sacrifice + Tolerance + Care = Love

Can you tell him you love him?

I would tell him that you love him... unless you are in an relationship with him. If not then do not.

What is the relationship between Victor and his cousin Elizabeth in Frankenstein?

love relationship

What is the best thing to do if you found out that someone love you?

Love them back. You don't have to be in a relationship with them to love them.