What is love in a relationship?

To me love in a relationship is the relationship whether it is in love or just love freinds and family.love is the hearts encounter point in another. love is the only thing left that keeps the world going.Love is the ability God gave you to breathe every day when you wake up,and you know that smile you get everytime you look into your boyfreinds eyes that's love whether your in love or not it counts no matter the amount it is still love.Love in a relationship is everything you cant explain the feeling of love is confusing amazing and completely annoying all at the same timebut don't let that confuse you on how you should feel let love alwaya be there erase the hate and peace on earth.


Real love is much more than a feeling. Feelings are involved, but love is a profound human bond that also includes principles and values that never cease to grow if it is properly nurtured.

Real love does not carry us effortlessly through trials or differences in views, backgrounds, desires, and personalities. Love involves cooperation, humility, mildness, patience, etc. long-qualities that do not always come naturally or easily.

Storybook love is relatively easy; real love requires effort.