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Q: What is lucas cruikshanks siblings name?
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What is Lucas cruikshanks real name?

Lucas cruikshanks is his real name. His fake name is Fred Figglehorn

What is lucas cruikshanks middle name?

Lucas Cruikshank's middle name is Alan. Lucas Alan Cruikshank.

What is Lucas Cruikshanks Grandfathers name?


What is lucas cruikshanks Fred figglehorns middle name?

Fred Figglehorn's middle name is furry

What is Lucas Cruikshanks aim name?

his aim name is lucasdabest. i have IM ed him 2 times before

Who is lucas cruikshanks family?


What is lucas cruikshanks girlfriends name?

Lucas Cruikshank's girlfriend is Emily Neville. She is a sophomore at Lakeview High School in Columbus Ne.

What is lucas cruikshanks hometown?

Columbus nebraska usa

What is lucas cruikshanks moms name?

Lucas Cruikshank's mom's name is Molly Cruikshank and Dad's name is David Cruikshank. I know Everything about Lucas: He is 17 , he weighs 135 lbs and goes to lakeview school and is currently single and is 5,8 in height! I AM AN ULTIMATE FAN XXX

What is lucas cruikshanks address?

It is off of 48th Ave. in Columbus, Ne.

What are lucas cruikshanks parents names?

Molly cruikshank and david cruikshank

What are the names for lucas cruikshanks brothers?

Eathan & Jacob Cruikshank :)

What does Lucas Cruikshanks weigh?

135-140 and he is 5 feeot 8 inches

What is Lucas Cruikshanks address in Nebraska?

It was 7*** 48th Avenue Columbus Nebraska

What is Lucas Cruikshanks favorite color?

I think Purple or Red ( just my guess ) maybe blue

Who is lucas cruikshanks girlfriend?

Lucas Cruikshank's girlfriend as of March 21, 2010 is Emily Neville, a sophomore at Lakeview High School in Columbus, Ne.

What is lucas cruikshanks favorite song?

Kev Blaze's "Watch how I do this". That song has been featured in the most Fred videos.

Who are George Lucas' siblings?

Actually, George Lucas has no siblings: he is an only child

What are the names of george lucas siblings?

I don't think George Lucas has any siblings. There is no reference to him having siblings anywhere

What are lucas cruikshanks siblings names?

He has 2 brothers and 5 sisters, 8 in total (inc him): Maria Emily Stephanie Lucas - 16 Kayla - 14 Allie Ethan - 6 Jacob not sure of other ages

Does lucas have any siblings?


What is lucas cruikshanks number?

I am lucas's neighbor and im pretty sure he would kill me if he found out i posted this but his number is 1-402-606-2409 people are saying its 402 942-4509 that is my sisters number and ya'll needa stop calling it.

What are the names of lucas cruikshanks family called?

IDK but he has 5 sisters and 2 bros lol its alot isent it and he has 1 cat 3 dogs 2 of the dogs are called sparky and carcus

Who are Logan lerman's siblings?

Lidnsey and Lucas Lerman

Does lucas grabeel have any siblings?

yes Yes he does, Autumn Grabeel she's a year older than Lucas