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Solar System

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Q: What is made up of a star and the objects around it?
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A star and all the objects that reolve around it make up a?

a star and a goup of objects that revolve around it make up a

What are the main forces that make up a star?

Objects are not made of forces. A star is made of hydrogen, helium and, later in its life, heavier elements.

Is a solar system made up of stars and objects that surround it?

Our solar system is made up of one star - the Sun - and everything held in orbit around it. Some distant stars have been determined to have planetary objects surrounding them, too, but there is still more unknown about those than known.

What is made up of the sun and all the objects that orbit around it?

The Solar System.

Every object around you is made up of?

atoms, which are the basic building blocks of matter. Atoms consist of a nucleus, containing protons and neutrons, surrounded by electrons. Different arrangements and combinations of these atoms determine the properties and characteristics of the objects around us.

What is a shooting made of?

A shooting star is made up of rocks then they go around a planet to get more speed then they go and crash on the earth or rome around it; a comet

What is the system of objects around the sun?

the solar system, made up of the planets, asteroid belt, comets, and the kuiper belt

What is a star that is made up of only neutrons?

A neutron star is one that is entirely made up of neutrons.

All objects are made up of what?


What is star made of?

star is made up of hot gases star is made up up of hot gases

Death of a star?

A star dies out when the gases that the star is made up of burns out

Is the force from Star Wars real?

No. The 'force', from Star Wars, is an idea based around engery sorrounding the Star Wars universe. It is made up, and not real.