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Magnalium is an alloy magnesium-aluminium.


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magnesium + aluminum nitrate ---> magnesium nitrate + aluminum

Magnesium can combine with Aluminum.

According to other metals which are mixed including one or more of these; magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese, there is a huge variety of alloys which contain Al.

you cant mix aluminum and magnesium together unless they are in compounds with negative ions

Metallic magnesium has approximately the same lustre as aluminum.

"heat treatable aluminum alloy". There are usually other elements added as well, for various properties.

Yes, aluminum is more electronegative than magnesium thus, resulting in a single displacement reaction. The products would be magnesium + aluminumnitrate

aluminum is usually combined with copper, bronze and magnesium

Steel, aluminum, or magnesium.

Out of these metals, lithium has the strongest bonds. Aluminum has the weakest bonds and magnesium has somewhat strong bonds.

Pitting is the most common type of corrosion found on aluminum and magnesium alloys.

Alloys combining aluminum and magnesium are very common.

they will form a magnesium salt and hydrogen gas

Many applications use magnesium to alloy with aluminum to make that much stronger.

Sodium, aluminum, and magnesium are metals. For metals, reactivity decreases as you go from left to right across the periodic table. The least reactive of those three is therefore aluminum.

You get a magnet and take out the aluminium

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