What is mammoth cave?

Mammoth Cave is a cave in Kentucky that is underground and is under a forest. Pioneers found Mammoth cave in the early 1700s. Some of the events that happen there is Wildflower Weekend and National Juniur Ranger day in April and The Cave Sing in December.I have not been there but I hope I do some day because Mammoth Cave (in my research) seems to be a very nice place to be!

Mammoth Cave is located in Cave City, Kentucky. It got its name because it is so big, and the Mammoth was also very big.


Caves ARE underground - by definition! Actually the locals "found" it thousands of years ago, and used it as a dwelling etc. Big: though not especially deep at about 380 feet, the entire system has somewhere over 350 miles of surveyed passages, making it the world's longest. It and its location are now a National Park, I believe.