Marine Biology

What is marine biology?

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Marine Biology is the study of plants and animals that live in the sea.

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What technology is used in marine biology?

marine biology is vast discipline incorporating aspect of biology but with a marine

When did marine biology start?

Marine biology started when it did

What degree does marine biology require?

A degree in marine biology or general biology.

How does science and marine biology relate?

Marine Biology is branch of Biology that is branch of Science .

What is the study of the sea called?

Marine biology

Does marine biology classify as science?

Marine Biology is a science.

What is the meaning of marine biology?

Marine biology is the branch of biology that deals with the plants and animals of the ocean.

Is marine biology a science?

Yes, marine biology is a specialized division of biology which is the study of life.

What is a Marine Biology Degree Called?

The first degree you would get to become a marine biologist is a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, or a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology. for further degrees you would need to go to graduate school to get your Masters in Marine Biology.

What kind of science is in marine biology?

marine biology is life science

Is the study of marine creatures biology?

sort of... its called marine biology

Is marine biology a branch of earth science or biology?

Marine biology is a branch of biology. Oceanography is a branch of earth science.

What is the difference between marine biology and aquatic biology?

marine biology is related to biology of seas, oceans, marine life while the aquatic biology is usually related to fresh water life

What do you call people who study marine biology?

People who study marine biology are called marine biologists.

Where to go to school for marine biology?

A type of school that teaches marine biology.

Can you get a bachelor's degree in marine biology at Texas A and M University at Galveston?

Galveston is one of the top colleges in the country for Marine Biology which means you CAN get a Bachelor's Degree. One of the best! From their web site:Curriculum in Marine Biology (MARB) The Department of Marine Biology offers these three degree programs: Marine Biology (MARB), Marine Biology License Option (MARB/LO) and Marine Fisheries (MARF).

How is marine biology related to biology?

Biology is the study of living organisms. Marine biology is the study of living organisms that live in sea water and how they interact with their aquatic environment. Bottom line: Marine biology is just biology in the sea-water.

What are advancements for a marine biologist?

Biology Supervisor is a great advancement in the marine biology field! :)

What are the prerequisites of marine biology?

First off, you DO need a degree. The Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. A degree Marine Biology is usually accomplished through a Bachelor of Science degree with a stream in marine biology, however course titles vary according to institutions. Marine Biology is a multidisciplinary field of study, linking Biology and the ecology, as well as other environmental sciences. A marine biology degree provides students with a vast range of opportunities to study marine organism fundamentals, especially in relation to biology as well as to genetics, conservation and aquaculture. Possible subjects through out a marine biology degree include the following: * Biology * Chemistry * Statistics * Conservation biology * Ecology of Marine Organisms * Biological Oceanography * Marine Mammal Biology * Community Ecology * Plant Speciation and Evolution * Cell Biology Note: Marine biology is continually changing, as the new advances in biology continue, genetic research is playing an important role in analysing in species. Source:

What is the difference between marine biology and zoology?

The difference from marine biology and marine zoology is that marine biology is the study of animal and invertebrates instincts, anatomy, or lifestyle. While marine zoology is ultimately all about animals in general.

When was Montemar Institute of Marine Biology created?

Montemar Institute of Marine Biology was created in 1959.

What is the top job in being a marine biologist?

Marine biology is a job. There's multiple feilds, but marine biology itself is a job

How long as marine biology been around?

Marine biology has been around for a long time. The peak of marine studies was when the Challenger

What are two examples of biology?

Microbiology and Marine Biology.

What area in marine biology works with marine reptiles?

Marine herpetology.

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