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Marking the moment is when there is an individual part in the play that is very important. Like if someone is in the spot light with cameras and bright lights all around them just making them a star

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Q: What is mark the moment in drama?
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What is a key moment in drama?

key moment in drama means thast the moment suddenly changes

What is making the moment in drama?

Marking the moment can happen when a scene has been created, and the group decides it's a significant moment in the drama, and they want to show this in some way.

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What is marking the moment?

Marking the moment is when you put emphasis on a specific part in a scene. This can be done using different drama techniques such as forum theatre, thought tracking etc.

What is an anagnorisis?

An anagnorisis is the moment in a plot of a drama in which the hero makes a discovery that explains previously unexplained events or situations.

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