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What is max's real name from the show George Lopez?

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George Lopez is his real name.

Ernie from George Lopez. His real name is Valente Rodriguez

Carmen's Real Name From George Lopez TV Show IsMasiela Lusha

If Its In REAL Life Her Name Is Costance Marie,But In The George Lopez Show Her Name Is Angie Palmero.

Its The Same George Lopez

Her name in real life is Constance Marie

His real mother's name is Benita Gutierrez.

Angie Lopez. Constance Marie as her real name.

Constance Marie is her real name

George Lopez's wife in real life is Ann Serrano.

Angie Lopezes real name in George Lopez is Constance Marie

max russo's real name is Jake T. Austin

What is george,s wife angie,s real name?

His name is Max on the show but in real life his name is Luis Armand Garcia

Jason McNamara was played by Bryan Fisher

Jennifer Lynn Lopez.Her name is Jennifer Lynn Lopez.

Her real name is Rosalia.

it is said that he is in reallife and he put it in the show as well

Jack blessing as jack powers Mark tymchyshyn as Mel powers

It is real i mean you can see it cant you, anything you see is matter and matter is real.

no in the begining nof the show it says who the characters play and maxa real last name isn't Lopez

Yes, George Eastman is is George Eastman's real name. By the way, it's "Is George Eastman his real name"

George Washington's real name was George Washington.

He was abandoned by his parents and was raised by his grandparents

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