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그 분과 얘기해도 되겠습니까? gue (pronounced like va"gue") - boon - gah - yeh - ki - hae - doh - dae - get - soom - ni - ka?

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Q: What is may I speak with in Korean?
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You speak Korean in Korea.

How many people in the world speak Korean?

As of 2012, about 80 million people speak Korean.

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What lanugage do Koreans speak?

Koreans speak Korean. The written alphabet is called hangul

Can amber speak Korean?

yes she can

What percent of people in the world speak Korean?

about 75 Million people speak Korean, which is less than 0.01% of the world's popluation.

Do people on Jeju Island speak Korean?

yes but they have different dialect of korean

Can someone translate your Korean name into Korean characters my name is kang seung gi?

IF i am Korean, and IF i know how to speak it yes, i can; I DO speak it :D So, if your name IS Kang Seung Gi, in Korean Hangul, it would be 강승기.

What language does j-hope speak?

J-Hope, a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, speaks Korean as his mother tongue. He is fluent in Korean and has also studied English.

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if you can speak Korean language, it is same as the other versions

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폴 pol