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It means the bones that the muscles are attached to.

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What does internal skeleton mean?

The skeleton is inside your body

What does skeleton mean?

Skeleton is a protective system for your internal organs.

How do you spell sceleten?

Do you mean skeleton? A skeleton is the framework of bones for a mammal.

What does skeleton mean in ancient Greek?

In ancient Greek skeleton means "dried-up".

What is the medical term meaning the outside of the skeleton?

The exoskeleton would mean outside the skeleton.

What does esqueleto mean in spanish?


How do you spell the people with bones?

Do you mean skeleton?

What does a Dancing skeleton mean?

it means the dance of death.

What does she's nothing but a skeleton mean?

she is extremly skinny

Why does my niece sees my skeleton when she looks at my face what does that mean?

It might mean that she has a lot of fantasy.

What does it mean las calacas in Spanish?

A "calaca" is a human skeleton

What does skeleton mean in Arabic?

Hay--kal Aaad--mey.

What is the parts of the skeletal?

Something tells me you mean what are the parts of the skeleton.

What does el esqueleto mean in spanish?

el esqueleto = the skeleton

What does exoskeleton mean?

An exoskeleton is a skeleton is a skeleton on the outside of a body, rather than the inside. -Edited by your local Albert Einstein, Mecucu A. Reynolds.

What does the password house of usher mean in Skeleton Creek?

I donโ€™t know

What does superior in anatomy mean?

Would the skeleton be superior to the internal organs

What are the 2 divisions of the skeleton?

The axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. Axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton

What does the idiom 'they had a skeleton in the cupboard' mean?

The correct idiom is "a skeleton in the closet."Imagine opening a closet door and seeing a spooky skeleton! This idiom means that something bad is hidden away in someone's past.

Does a slug have a water skeleton or a normal skeleton or an outside skeleton?

A slug has a water skeleton

In what sport do competitors travel on a 'skeleton'?


What is skeleton system?

skeleton system is a system about the skeleton.

Do bees have a skeleton?

No. They have exo-skeleton instead of skeleton.

What is a mutant skeleton?

A mutant skeleton is a malformed skeleton.

What does osteichthyes mean?

Osteichthyes is a class of fish that are composed of a skeleton bone and cartilage.