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It is a story that could or could not be true.Like Tarzan.

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What is the Japanese word meaning 'legend'?


What is the meaning of legend using map terms?

A map's legend shows what symbols and their meaning is used on the map.

What is the meaning of the name Ragesh?

the legend

What is the meaning of legend in math term?


Is there a different meaning to ML?

no but the meaning of it means MATHS LEGEND like me and my dad

What is the definition for the science word legend?

A 'legend' is a key that shows symbols and abbreviations next to their meaning.

What is the meaning for key-legend?

A key/legend usually tells you about specific icons on the game or map. It may tell you what the icon means and/or what it is.

What are some Irish words meaning legend?

In Irish, finscéal, fáithscéal, seanscéal all mean 'legend'.

Define the meaning of legend?

A historical, traditional. story.

What does the legend or a key on a map tell us?

The legend explain the meaning of the symbols and other information shown on the map.

What is the legend of the mistletoe?

well the legend of the mistletoe is that who ever meaning two people get caught under the mistletoe have to kiss one another

What part of the map contain information on the meaning of the maps symbols?

The Legend.

Does the legend of Robin Hood have an underlying meaning?

Anything is justifiable as long as you win.

What part of the map contains information on the meaning of maps symbols?

It is known as the "Legend".

Why do maps have legends?

A legend describes the meaning of lines, symbols and colours used on the map.

What area on a map shows symbols and their meaning?

The Legend. Sometimes it's call the Key.

What is the meaning of Sabrina in a girl name?

The name Sabrina means a princess in celtic legend

What part of a map contains information on the meaning of the map's symbols?

This is usually known as the "key", or "legend".

What are some words that have the same meaning as story?

Narrative, Tale, Yarn, Account, Legend, Fairy-Tale, or Chronicle

Is blody Mary a demon?

No. Bloody Mary is an URBAN LEGEND. Meaning, NOT REAL. And why is this filed under New Testament?

What does the flag of Romania stand for?

The meaning of the colors on the Romanian flag is only a legend; any scientific explanation exist.

Who is the legend from the book 'Legend'?


Which part of a map explains the symbols use on a map?

The legend is the part of the map which explains the meaning of each symbol used.

What is a six letter word meaning a short tale with a moral?

That should be "fable." With six letters, try "legend" or "mythos."

What does a map's legends help people do?

A map's legend help people to understand the meaning of words and symbols used in the map.