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colours which cannot be made by mixing any other colour by fiona mars

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Q: What is meaning of primary colours?
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What are the primary and secondary colors?

Primary ColoursPrimary colours are colours that are the main ones. They are the first colours that make other colours. You can use non primary colours to make other colours but every colour is made from primary colours. These colours below are the primary colours: RedGreenBlueSecondary ColoursSecondary colours are the next step of primary colours. They are made from them. Here's the secondary colours: Cyan (Green+Blue)Yellow (Red+GreenMagenta (Red+Blue)

What will mix to give you red?

Red is a primary color, meaning you can't get it by mixing other colors, you can only mix red to get other colors.There are three primary colours that can't be produced by mixing any other colours. The three primary colours are Red, Blue and Yellow.

What are the main colours?

Do you mean the primary colours? The primary colours of pigment are red, blue, and yellow. The primary colours of light are red, blue, and green.

How is colour used in pop art?

the primary colours and he secondary colours which are on the colour wheel and the colours are.... primary colours: red, blue and yellow secondary colours: purple, pink and orange

Which r this not primary colors redblueyellowgreen?

None of them are primary colours! The primary colours are: Pink, Black and White. If you would like to find out more on why these colours are primary then visit .

What are the complementary colors of the primary and secondary colors?

The complimentary colours for the Primary colours are the Secondary colours made up of the mixture of the two remaining Primary colours. The Complimentary colours to the Secondary colours are the Primary colours not used to create them. Red - Green; Yellow - Purple; Blue - Orange. Green - Red; Purple - Yellow; Orange - Blue.

What does primary mean in art terms?

The primary colours: Red, Blue and Yellow, if you mix 2 of these colours together you get the secondary colours.

How are primary and secondary colors related?

primary colours make up secondary colours its as simple as that

What is special about primary colors?

Primary colours cannot be made up of other colours. For example, red and yellow (primary colours) make orange which is a secondary colour. But no amount of other colours can make a primary colour (red, yellow and blue)x

Why are redblue and green called primary colors?

These are primary colours because they are not man made, no two colours can be mixed to recreate these three colours.

What is the name of the colors that can be used to make any other color?

They are primary colours. The primary colours of light are red, green and blue, and the primary colours of pigments are yellow, red and blue.

Why black and white are not primary color?

primary colours are the colours of the rainbow( VIBGYOR).Now White is made by mixing all the colours of the rainbow and black is also made by by mixing some colours present in the the colours present in the rainbow are primary colours and all the other colours in the world are made by mixing them in someway.Secondary colours are not naturally present. .....................................Gho$t