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Form fits function is the concept that an organism adapts to its environment.

For example, an owl can fly silently to avoid being heard or seen. A penguin uses its "wings" to swim due to the large portion of water in their environment.

Physical, functional, and performance characteristics or specifications that uniquely identify a component or device and determine its interchangeability in a system.

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Q: What is meant by Form fits function?
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What is form fits function in biology?

Form-fit-function is a concept that an organism adapts to its environment.

What does form fits function mean?

"Form fits function" means that an organism is designed structured or shaped in a way that will help it perform a certain function or many functions easily with this structure. For example, the fins of a fish help it to propel itself through the water. The human heart serves its function as a muscular pump to get blood circulated throughout the entire body

What does form follows functionmost nearly mean?

Form follows function means that the shape of a machine or device will be dictated by what it is designed to do. I have no idea where the "most nearly" fits in.

What is meant by the phrase form follows content?

The original term phrase was, "FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION." In recent years it has been modified for literary use to "FORM FOLLOWS CONTENT."

In ceramics what is meant by form vs function?

form can be something that has no practical purpose only decorative. and a functional piece would have to have a practical use whilst still being decorative , I think Bauhause designers were very good when it came to form and function.

Which statement best explains how the structure of a starch molecule relates to its function?

The function of a starch molecule is energy storage.. Therefore, as form fits function, starch is a very long molecule with many..many...many bonds that store the energy.

What do you mean by function to pointer?

Nothing. You might have meant pointer-to-function.

What are the function on blood?

What is the function of blood? Is that what you meant? To deliver oxygen to the cells of the body.

List as many molecular examples of structure fits function as you can?

Oliver Hanson

What is meant by membrane is membrane in cell function?

membrane, is a type of brain that function to think what to do.

What is the definition of a Vertex form of a quadratic function?

it is a vertices's form of a function known as Quadratic

What is meant by gaussian function?

this function is extremely used in probability theory like this bell curve

What is meant by What is the sponsorship opportunity I am requesting a sponsorship form British Airways and it tells me to include this but I don't know what is meant by it?

It is meant to say... What is meant by "What is the sponsorship opportunity?" I am requesting a sponsorship form British Airways and it tells me to include this but I don't know what is meant by it?

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Hey sara bara

What does it mean for FORM to follow Function?

Form is another way of saying design. When form follows function it means that the aesthetic component of the product does not interfere with the function or even enhances it.

Does knights in armor connected to form and function?

yes knights in armour are connected to form and function. Form: If the armour did not work then the knights would not of used it. Function: And the function is to protect you from a sword.

Will 1 kilogram of flour fit a container meant for 1 liter of liquid?

i think approximately 800g of flour fits in a container meant for 1 liter of liquid (water).

What form does a linear function take?

A linear function when graphed takes the form of a straight line.

Why are neurons different than red blood cells?

There is a saying that fits your question: "Form follows function". These cells are the way that they are because the shapes fit the way they work. Why are hammers different than screw drivers?

What is the difference between form and function in a structure?

The difference between form and function is that form is related to the structure, the architect of something and function is the product of a structure which plays any specific role.

Can you call predefined function recursively?

Guess you meant: can a recursive function call predefined functions? Answer: sure, why not.

What form is the song Thousand Miles in?

It fits into the category of folk music.

What is a primary function in C plus plus?

There is no such thing. You probably meant the main function. The main function is the only function that is required as it serves as the entry point of the program.

What is meant by function declaration in C language?

The name of the function is established by what is called function declaration. It also establishes the number and the types of parameters.

What is exponential function?

"The" exponential function is ex. A more general exponential function is any function of the form AeBx, for any non-xero constants "A" and "B". Alternately, Any function of the form CDx (for constants "C" and "D") would also be considered an exponential function. You can change from one form to the other.