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What is meant by applaud?

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applaud- its like uploading pictures (e.g. uploading picture in your account you always uploads pictures as your primary photo...)

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What is an example sentence for applaud?

He waited for the audience to applaud before continuing.I will applaud all of his efforts.

What is a sentence with applaud?

I applaud your efforts!

A sentence with the word applaud?

After the show they applaud.

What part of speech is applaud?

Applaud is a verb.

Can you use the word applaud in a sentence?

I applaud your effort.

What is the future tense of applaud?

The future tense is "will applaud"

What is the simple present tense of applaud?

It is "applaud/applauds".

Is applaud a first or second accented syllable?

Applaud is accented on the second syllable.

Is applaud accented on the first syllable?

No the word applaud is accented on the second syllable.

How to spell apauld?

You might be trying to spell applaud."The audience applaud the singer".Or you might be trying to spell appalled."I am appalled by your behaviour".

What is the present perfect tense of applaud?

The present perfect tense of applaud is:I/You/We/They have applauded.He/She/It has applauded.

Can you give me a sentence with applaud?

the crowd gave a huge applaud when the violinists were done playing

What is difference between applause and applaud?

Applause is present tense Applaud is past tense

What rhymes with applaud?


What is a synonym for applaud?


What is the adjective of applaud?


What is the opposite of applaud?

The opposite of applaud is to disapprove, criticize, condemn, or denounce. The opposite of the specific act by an audience is to "boo."

What is the noun form of applaud?

The noun forms the verb to applaud are applauder (one who applauds), applause, and the gerund, applauding.

What is the difference between applaud and laud?

Laud means to praise. But applaud means to clap in approval. It specifically means clapping.

Did People wait until the end of the play to applaud the actors in shake spears time?

Yes, if they liked it then they would applaud.

What is applaud or commend?

This means "to praise"

What is the root word of applauded?


What is the Abstract noun for applaud?


How many syllables does applaud have?


What are the syllables for applaud?