What is meant by bird eye view?


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From above - as if a bird were flying over, looking at an object.


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A "bird's eye view" is a view from above, a view of something or a landscape as a flying bird would see it.

it means when a bird looks down it can see our heads that a birds eye view

A "birds eye" view is a view of something from above. The view a bird would see while flying over something.

"Bird view to the future," makes no sense as a sentence. A possible improement might be... "It offered him a bird's eye view of the future."

its when u draw a side view, a front view and an over view (bird eye view).

is when you take a picture high like a biird

use the sattelite on google maps

A bird's eye view is a view from above

Birds sometimes fly because they don't want to be eaten by predators. And then there's that bird's eye view!

A bird's-eye view means seeing something from the top down, as if you were a bird flying overhead looking down at something. For example, a bird's-eye view of a house would see mainly the roof, and the grounds around it, but not the sides of the house. A bird's-eye view of a human would be the top of their head. It simply means, rather than looking at the front or back of something, your view is from above, looking down at the top.

opthalmoscope- instrument to view the eye

The iris of a bird is the eye.

Dog's Eye View was created in 1994.

A shot where the camera is pointed high above street level.

The duration of From a Bird's Eye View is 1500.0 seconds.

eagle is the best eye sight, and it can catch the flying bird in the sky .

The eye which you predominantly use

From a Bird's Eye View was created on 1970-09-18.

Birds eye view is the view from the top, as if you are flying above the object and looking down at it.

Eye for an Eye - 2003 Bird in the Hand 3-14 was released on: USA: 2005

When at the top of the skyscraper, he had a birds eye view of the city.

We had a bird's eye view of the parade from our apartment.

"Bird" is from the old English word 'brid' which originally meant a chick or young bird.

yes they do but they have no brain

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