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What is meant by chemical disaster?

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Life threating to all forms of living cells, and to the elements of life.

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Was Chernobyl a chemical disaster?

No.It was a nuclear disaster that happened in 1986

What are the elements at risk during a chemical disaster?

Generally it is not the elements that are at risk during a chemical disaster. It is the people or environment that is at risk. A "chemical disaster" is the common term used to refer to an accidental release of dangerous chemicals.

What are the chemical effect of natural disaster?

Possible chemical effects that can follow a natural disaster are: fire, explosion, environmental contamination.

What is a chemical industrial disaster?

when something explodes

Why do radiation disaster affect larger area than chemical disaster?

Radiation disasters are made for spreading, so it more dangerous than chemical disasters

What are the chemical properties in the disaster of japan?

nuclear waste

Is a forset fire a chemical reaction?

Fire is a chemical reaction. A forest fire is a disaster consisting of chemical reactions.

What is meant by the term chemical bond?

Chemical Bond

What is meant by disaster?

A disaster is an event that happens suddenly and causes damage. It can even cause loss of life and other unusual circumstances.

Does chemical lime rot?

The question has no real meaning, but the probable answer to what was intended is no. (What precisely is meant by "chemical lime", and what is meant by "rot"?)

Explain man made disaster and their types?

Disasters crated by humans as individuals or as groups or organisations are known as man made disasters. types of man made disaster are nuclear disaster,chemical disaster, biological disaster,fires,environmental disasters.

Which chemical is meant by the word carbon?

If you meant which symbol carbon is, it is C.

What is meant of '. ' in chemical reaction?

'.' shows the multiplication in chemical reaction.

What caused the disaster in Love Canal NY?

toxic chemical dumping

What are causes of chemical disaster?

leakaqge of poisnous and hazardous chemicals from the industry

What is meant by the word chemical as used by scientists?

chemical as in chemical change, so anything changed in its chemical appearance.

What is meant by the word chemical as used by scientsts?

The meaning of chemical is a process involving chemical reactions.

What is meant by corrosive chemical?

A chemical that corrodes a solid. eventually breaking it down.

What is Chemical Symbol is CI?

There is no chemical symbol CI. If you meant Cl then it is Chlorine.

Is a chemical meant to exploed with oxygen?


What is meant by chemically held?

Chemical energy

What is the chemical equation for the reaction aluminum underwent in the disaster?

4Al + 3O2 -> 2Al2O3

What is meant by safe construction and practises at disaster?

Clearly, it is too late to worry about safe practices

Write the chemical equation for the reaction aluminum underwent in the disaster?


How can you prevent a nuclear disaster?

by using less technology and by doing chemical works safely.