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I see both meaning the same thing. Maybe dating sounds more serious, like both of you acknowledging that you're seeing each other in the romantic sense. Going out, well, you can go out with friends too! Its more of a casual term I guess. Dating means that you are going out with someone such as to the movies or dinner. The term dating comes from setting a date and time to meet.

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Q: What is meant by dating or going out?
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What was dating called in the 1940s?

Going out, going steady and dating

Am I meant to be with the guy I'm dating?

If you are, right now, with the guy you are dating, then certainly that is what is meant to be, right now. Life is unfolding as it should.

What did going steady mean in the 1950's60's?

Going steady was a relationship status. It meant committing only to each other in a relationship, and not dating other people.

Why is there dating in club penguin?

i dont really think it was meant to happen but they put in the heart emotion and BANG! people start dating so it was not meant to happen

Are Michelle McCool and the Undertaker dating?

They are dating and then they are going to get married

What does Going all the way but mean?

are you to still dating are you to still dating

Who is wisin and yandel dating?

they are dating u stupid i am going out with wisin........

How much space should you give your exboyfriend?

'Ex' means the relationship is over and you should be going out with friends; having fun and get back into dating again and not sit around wishing your ex would come back to you. By dating again he may come back when he realizes you are not going to sit around and wait for him. Never waste your life waiting for someone, but get on with your life and if you are both meant to be together then it will happen and if not, then it was not meant to be because there is someone special out there for you.

What other words have same meaning as dating?

Courting, going steady, going together all have the same meaning as dating.

Who is wade barrett dating?

he is going to marry Maria and is secretly dating serita.

Is there going to be a Blind Dating 2?


What is the difference in going out and dating?

the name

Sam and Freddie are going to be dating?


What dose going steady mean?

Going steady is another way of saying "dating". No, no, no. It means dating only one person, and not others.

Is munro chamber dating anyone?

yes hes dating the ugly untalented vanesa Morgan.i think he supposed to be dating aslinn paul.vanesa Morgan is not meant to be with him hes to hot for her

Is going steady the same as dating?

Yeah it just means you have been dating for a while.

What is the meanings of dating someone talking to someone going out with someone?

dating somone is your boy friend and girlfriend as of dating is simply going steady and your just testing the women or man out to see if he or she is right for you

You are dating someone and it is going well?

good for you.

Who is Nikki Minaj dating?

she is going out with me kwon

Who is meri beachy going out with?

She is not dating anyone!

What does going steady in relationship means?


What does going stedy with a girl mean?

Dating them

Is selna going out with Justin bieber?

no their not dating

What do you call going out together?


Is there a difference between going out and making out with someone?

making out is kissing. going out is dating