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what is the issue being discussed in this statement? "I think industries should be required to clean up the wastewaer they discharge into this river, even if it does mean more expense for the industries. If they cannot afford to do it, they should shut down or cut back on production."

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Q: What is meant by environmental issue?
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How is gonorrhea a environmental issue?

It is not an environmental issue, it is a public health issue

What is a major environmental issue in the israeli-Palestinian dispute?

But it is water that is a major environmental issue.

Meant by issue?

There are many things that could be meant by the word issue. An issue could be a problem or a topic.

What environmental issue begins with the letter G?

Garbage is the disposal of unwanted or undesired material or substance. It is an environmental issue.

What is an enviromental issue?

There are several environmental issues going on in the United States. For example, pollution is an environmental issue as is global warming.

How environmental issue affected olympic game?

Environmental issue are subjects problem or controversies that relate to impairement or improvment for the zika.

Is afforestation an environmental issue?

No, afforestation is not an environmental issue.Instead, afforestation is a proposed response or solution to an environmental problem. The environmental problem is deforestation and habitat loss. This problem is the result of such human intervention as construction, logging and mining as well as of natural events, such as forest fires. How to solve the problem is the environmental issue. In this case, the issue is how best to protect and expand existing forests and urban tree canopy.

How does cruise ship address environmental issue?

Most have an environmental officer aboard.

Is environmental degradation a national issue?

of course it is!!!! If the issue of environmental degradation is not dealt with seriously, then it will not be a miracle when the Maldives will no more be seen on the world map!!!!

Is food security an environmental issue?

food security is an environmental issue arising from major environmental changes hence requires an integrated food system approach, not just a focus on agricultural practices.

How do lawmakers make good environmental decisions?

By weighing the costs and benefits of an environmental issue

What is the meant by environmental clearance?

abait or abaitment

What is an environmental issue in Ukraine?

Industrial pollution

What environmental issue does the UK have?

to much rain

What is an environmental issue that starts with the letter I?


What types of special interest groups are there?

economic issue, equality issue and environmental concerns

What caused President Nixon to act on environmental issue?

The environmental protection movement was supported by public.

What is an environmental issue that starts with Q?

quoto protocol

What is the main environmental issue in Pakistan?

population growth

What is the major environmental issue in Venezuela?

Oil pollution

What is the major environmental issue in Pakistan?

traffic pollution

How can you make pamphlets on environmental issues?


What is meant by an environmental impact statement?

An Environmental Impact Statement is required by companies when starting a factory or making a change to the manufacturing processes. It is meant to outline what impact the change will have on the environment.

Meaning environmental issue related to festival?

Environmental issues are negative aspects of human activity on the biophysical environment.

Why is ozone depletion such an important environmental issue?

because of the gases