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it has an impact by farting from the clowds :)

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Q: What environmental impact does tidal energy have?
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What is the environmental impact of tidal energy?

Mariokart 8

What are apparent environmental impacts associated with this?

What are the apparent environmental impacts associated with what? Tidal Energy

What has the author Diane E Loucks written?

Diane E. Loucks has written: 'The impact of environmental assessment on energy project development' -- subject(s): Energy industries, Energy policy, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Energy policy, Environmental impact analysis

What are the limitations of using tidal energy?

Tidal energy is only available on the coast. Some locations are better than others for tidal energy because of the tidal range - for example, the North West of Australia has a very large tidal range.Converting tidal energy to electrical energy may require the construction of channels or barrages which may impact on the environment.

Why do some environmental groups oppose tidal energy?

Environmental groups do not necessarily oppose use of tidal energy, but in some cases they oppose the location that is proposed to make use of the energy. The opposition is usually based on negative effects it would have on wildlife and the environment.

Why do some environmental groups appose tidal energy?

disruption of aquatic life in the area.

Explain each environmental impact of energy use?

it is something that you use energy with

Can tidal energy be bad for the environment?

There is some direct marine life issues as well as coast environmental impacts.

Are there hidden environmental and social costs for tidal energy?

gipang-atay maning way polos nga site.

What is the history of tidal energy?

tidal energy is created by turbines that does make tidal power

Where is tidal energy obtained from?

Tidal energy is obtained from the waves energy

Is tidal energy environmentally impact free?

No, there is some impact from building barrages or channels and the effect on fish migration. However, after the initial setup there are no carbon emissions and the energy produced is renewable.

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