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What is meant by gay?

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Gay refers to people who are attracted romantically and/or sexually to people of the same sex. The term "homosexual" is no longer used because it is too clinical. Gay men are called "gay men," while gay women are called "lesbians." Sexual orientation, such as being gay or straight, is inborn and not a choice (except for people who are bisexual rather than gay or straight).

Gay as in two lovers by god and their realtionship remains forever

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Were humans meant to be gay?

no, if humans were meant to be gay, god would have made Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve!

Does happy have a term that means gay?

No, but the term gay once meant "happy." It still does in certain expressions, such as "the gay nineties" and "don we now our gay apparel"

Is Corey Hart gay?

He's not gay. He is married and supports gay rights. His latest single is meant to show support for people in the music industry who were born gay.

Why are gay people happy?

Prior to gay being used to refer to homosexuals it simply meant happy.

Does gay mean happy in Chinese?

No gay once meant happy in English, but it does not mean happy in Chinese.

Where did the term GAY come from?

The term "gay" came from the Celtic word, "Gay" which meant happy, or free-spirited. It now has several meanings. ''Gay", as in Homosexual. "Gay", as in happy or enjoying yourself. "Gay", as in something or someone which is not liked.

How can a gay guy get another gay guy to fall for him?

He should just be himself. If it's meant to be, it'll happen.

If a guy says he is lesbian does it mean he is gay?

I assume he meant gay, because last time I checked, it was impossible for a male to be lesbian.

What is meant by gay men and lesbians?

Gay men and lesbians are sexually attracted to or participate in sexual behaviors with individuals of the same gender.

History of the term gay?

The word gay originally meant 'happy,' then meant something to the extent of 'slutty,' after that, it meant 'homosexual.' In recent times, it has somehow begun to be synonymous with 'stupid' and 'lame.' the most recent of these ('dumb/lame) is quite offensive though, and it should not be used in this context.

What is x dx0?

What I meant was "x dx^0". Answers is gay and homosexual.

Was SpongeBob originally supposed to be gay?

SpongeBob was never meant to be gay. He isn't a gay character, and Stephen Hillenburg has stated that he is 'asexual'. So no, he was never supposed to be gay and never was. See the related question for more on the topic.

O Patrick stump da fall out boys eh gay?

No, he is not. Oh, and I assume you meant "Is Patrick Stump Out Fall Out Boy Gay".

Can you be gay and transgender?

yes no matter how you intended that question:if you meant, "can I be born a woman and have a sex change so I am a man and like men" then the answer is yes.if you meant "can I be born a woman and feel i am a man and like women" then the answer is yes.If you meant can i be born a man and feel I am a woman, like men, and feel I am gay" then the answer is yes.

Is it normal to become gay when you are 13?

A person is born Gay, but they may be 13 or older before they figure it out. No matter when they do, they have always been normal. It is how they are meant to be.

What did it mean if you were friends with all the girls in primary school?

I meant that you were classed as the gay guy

Were the 1820 an era of good feeling?

yes they were also known as the gay 20s but the term gay in that time period didnt mean homosexual it meant happy

Do all gay people have a wisp?

If you mean Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), then no, not all gay people have internet access.If you meant "Lisp" then the answer is also no. Very few gay people have lisps. This is a stereotype.

What is the sexual orientaton of Spongebob Squarepants?

SpongeBob the show, and SpongeBob the character was never meant to be gay.

Should people be affended is theyre called Gay as a Joke?

Only if the joke is meant to be offensive.

Can a girl join a gay site meant for men?

May be she wants to learn something about this issue.

Are you gay if you have explicit conversation with a gay man?

No. Gay is meaning homosexual, which means you're sexually attracted to someone of the same gender. If you're attracted to the gay man in question, or any man at all, you may be gay/bisexual depending on if you like women as well. All that your conversation meant, was that you had an explicit conversation with someone that is gay. No biggie.

What does it mean when someone is gay?

In the contemporary context, gay refers to people who are physically and emotionally attracted to members of their own gender. It is sometimes split a little further by distinguishing between gay men and lesbians, although the term "gay" does cover both genders. However, the word "gay" originally meant "happy".

What does a gay guy mean?

It means that man is homosexual, or attracted to other men. Or as ignorant people would say, "gay" means "stupid, or lame." Another Answer: Originally Gay meant "happy" or "elated", (i.e. Gay Paris), but has been changed to mean male homosexual.

Do small children know they are gay?

Some older gay men and lesbians report that they knew they were gay from a very young age. They don't mean that they knew what it all meant, but they knew they were attracted to the same sex from early times.