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There are currently five computer generations.

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What does IT stands for in computer terms?

In computer terms IT simply stands for Information technology. Information technology or IT sector is meant for the computer related technologies . Information technology includes subjects like Ada, networking, operating system , computer languages etc.

What is difference between operating system of mainframe computer and personal computer?

A personal computer is a computer meant for home users and is typically a single CPU with a maximum of a quad core technology whereas a mainframe is a computer which is meant for organizations and is typically comprised of thousands of processors.

What is meant by the F1 generation?

f1 generation means new generation.

What is meant by mobile computing?

its a technology that allow a data transmission via a computer i.e wireless network...

Does generation4 computers have bigger screen than generation2?

No. In fact, generation 4 computers are meant for reducing the size of a computer.

What do you mean by computer accessories?

What is meant by computer accessories or peripherals? What is meant by computer accessories or peripherals? What is meant by computer accessories or peripherals?

What is meant by generation in computer terminology?

generation is the development and the invention of a better device.many new devices were found.each new device means a new generation.in computer there are 4 main generation.the first computer was intrp duced by the father of the computer, Charles Babbage.his dream about computer became reality after 70 years of his death .the first computeris an electronic neumerical intergrator and calculator (ENIAC).this computer was built in 1943.first generation:1940-1956vacuume tubes were inventedsecond generation:1956-1963transistors were inventedthird generation:1964-1971intergerated circuit was inventedfourth generation:1971-presentmicroprocessor is used

What is meant by IT and computer services?

As I know it to be IT is a acronym for Information technology but it also can stand for Information Technologist Computer services are different ways to fix and maintain your computer, workstation, server, software, etc.

What is Mickysoft?

You meant: Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational computer technology corporation. It develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range

What is meant by IT?

Information technology

What is meant by nano technology?

Incredibly small, but innacurate(yet) technology.

What is meant by IT Recruiment?

information technology

Are you meant to have the technology of today?

Given the society we live in today is based on Capitalism, anyone who has the money to purchase technology today is meant to have it.

What is meant by the term computer courseware?

Computer courseware refers to educational material, usually in the form of CDs, that can be used by teachers and students for learning. It is mainly used in information technology industry certification programs.

What is meant by technology based services?

A device which help us is called technology

How do you think the world is going to be in 2025?

they meant about technology how much technology are we going to have?

Which is bigger a computer screen or a science text book?

if you meant width then a computer if you meant thickness a since textbook i you meant length then a textbook

What is meant by the IT profession?

IT stands for Information Technology

What is meant by iit?

Indian institute of technology

What is meant by Generation X?

Generation X is a label attributed to people born during the 1960s and 1970s.Members of Generation X are often described as cynical or disaffected, though this reputation obviously does not apply to all people born during this era.This generation has an increased understanding of technology, having grown up during the age of computers.Sometimes also shortened to Gen X

What is meant by technology is dynamic process?

Apple's technology with the world outside the great progress.

Is Bakugan for nerds?

No not really, as it is meant to entertain the younger generation.

What is meant by TLE?

T.L.E. - technology and livelihood education

What is meant by military technology?

technology that is developed meant to be used for military purpose only. example the gps navigation devices were at one point only used by the military.

What is meant by forth generation system?


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