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Q: What is meant by instructional materials Give examples that are commonly used?
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What is meant by instructional materials. Give examples that are commomly used.?

instructional materials are aids to teaching.

What is meant by Supported Curriculum?

Is the one for which there are complementary instructional materials available, such as textbooks, software, and multimedia resources.

If you have an instructional permit and your parent is in the passanger seat can your friends be in the back seat?

No, its meant for focus during training.

Define what is meant by a limiting factor Give examples?

A limiting factor limits the development or growth of a population, an organism or process. Examples include: shortage of skilled labor and materials, limited labor hours and machine hours.

What is meant by astm?

American Socity for Testing Materials

What is meant by organic impurities?

These are impurities as organic compounds in different materials.

What are you meant to recycle?

Recyclable materials.

What is meant by the term socio-economic issues and give examples?

give examples of socio economic issues?

What is meant by DJ software?

DJ software is for someone looking to become a better music DJ. It offers help, instructional videos and guides on how to be become a better performer.

What is meant by folio?

Small folder. Term commonly used in hotels/motels.

Are starches and sugar examples or carbohydrates?

Assuming you meant "of carbohydrates," yes.

what is meant by quality management training?

Quality Management - free guide to history, methods, tools, TQM techniques - free training materials, quality management tools, processes. ... in the western world) is a Japanese word, commonly translated to mean 'continuous improvement'.