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What is meant by isotonic?

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You have 60 % of water in your body. 40% in the intro-cellular compartment and 20 % in the Extra cellular compartment. So it comes to be 40 liters in a 'Average' man weighing 70 kg.It means 28 liters in intro-cellular and 14 liters in extra cellular compartment. Human body has carried with it the part of sea, probably as a extra cellular compartment.Isotonic means that tonicity of fluid equal to body fluid.In extra cellular compartment, Sodium chloride is present mainly. It contains 'about' 150 mili mole of Sodium chloride.One mole of Sodium chloride contains 58.5 gram/liter of it.Mass number of Sodium being 23 and that of Chlorine is 35.5. So added together it makes 58.5 gram/liter. One mole of Glucose contains 180 grams/ liter. (C 6 H 12 O 6 means 12*6 plus 1*12 plus 16* 6, it means mass numbers of the respective elements.) (It means 1000 mili mole/liter.) So 9 gram/liter or 0.9 % of sodium chloride or 0.9 gram/100 ml, makes Isotonic saline solution. So Isotonic solution is compatible with 'Human' normal saline solution.It will neither make cells to shrink nor swell. So 0.45 % Sodium chloride solution is Hypo-tonic and 0.9% Sodium chloride with 5 % Glucose solution is Hyper-tonic.(In your body, Glucose will be rapidly utilized to give energy and you get Isotonic saline solution.) Normal saline solution means in which 1 mole of molecules dissolve/ liter and is a term used in chemistry. So when you say Normal saline, it means it contains 58.5 gram/liter of sodium chloride and will kill the patient in no time, after few infusions. So previously human normal saline and then 'Isotonic' saline solution is the correct term to be used. The normal saline solution available in market is not "Normal'. It is 'Isotonic' solution.

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If you meant an isotonic solution, an isotonic solution is a solution which contains the same concentration of solutes as the cell it is being compared to. This creates dynamic equilibrium, as the amount of solutes entering the cell and leaving the cell is the same.

what is an isotonic solution

as 9.25 % sucrose is isotonic then 270 mM is isotonic.

This is a solution having an osmotic pressure identical with the pressure inside the cells of the human body.

.91 saline is normal saline which is isotonic. 5% dextrose is also isotonic. so the combination is still isotonic

i = isotonic molar [glucose] / isotonic molar [NaCl] i = 14 M / 7 M = 2 i = isotonic molar [glucose] / isotonic molar [NaCl] i = 14 M / 7 M = 2 i = isotonic molar [glucose] / isotonic molar [NaCl] i = 14 M / 7 M = 2 i = isotonic molar [glucose] / isotonic molar [NaCl] i = 14 M / 7 M = 2

Yes, this is an isotonic solution.

Yes, this is an isotonic solution.

Isotonic means it has a 0.9% saline concentration.

0.9% saline is isotonic to blood.

Isotonic contractions. This happens when the muscle shortens as it contracts

I learn about isotonic in Biology. POSERS :D

An isotonic solution refers to a solution which has the same solute concentration as another solution. A microscopic field containing an isotonic bathing solution is called an isotonic field.

They remain unchanged in an isotonic solution.

The isotonic substances had a balanced amount of dissolved particles.

yes.....glomerular filtrate is isotonic to plasma

Normal saline is an example of an isotonic fluid. It contains 0.9% salt in water.An isotonic solution is a solution that contains the same concentration of solutes (dissolved particles) as blood. Isotonic saline is an example. Isotonic saline is a solution with the same concentration of salts as human blood.

An isotonic solution of sodium chloride has a concentration of 9 g/L.

yes isomotric is when the joints dont move isotonic is when they do

It is not true that an object will swell in an isotonic solution because there is no different concentration gradient between the object and the isotonic solution

In order to understand what an isotonic solution is used for you must first understand each word. The word "isotonic" simply means "of equal tension". The word "solution" means "a mixture of two or more substances". Therefore and isotonic solution is a balanced mixture. The most common isotonic solution is a saline solution.

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