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What is meant by mentally unstable?

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Mentally unstable refers to when a person's mental abilities are not steady and consistent resulting in an inability to cope with life effectively. They have difficulty dealing with everyday life and make poor choices that end up causing them more difficulty. It can be marked by anxiety, excessive worrying, aggression, becoming upset easily, temper tantrums (especially in public when most people try to control their emotions), moodiness, extreme highs and lows, depression, delusions, substance abuse, etc.

It should be evaluated by a professional and can be treated.

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How can I stop my mentally unstable wife from taking the children?

If the law thought she was so mentally unstable they wouldn't have allowed her custody. but seeing that she has them she obviously isn't as unstable as you think she is.

Was Hitler mentally unstable?

no, Hitler was mentally unstable........that would'NT be a correct phrase.......infact he was a megalomaniac. a "megalomaniac" is a person who craves power,wealth,status or genius to the point of mania or someone who belives that they are ridiculously powerful..........he was not mentally unstable....no, Hitler was mentally unstable........that would'NT be a correct phrase.......infact he was a megalomaniac. a "megalomaniac" is a person who craves power,wealth,status or genius to the point of mania or someone who belives that they are ridiculously powerful..........he was not mentally unstable....

What is the police scanner code for mentally unstable?

It is common while discussing a mentally unstable acting person over the airwaves to use the code "5150".

Can a mentally unstable person still care about other people?

Yes. Just because a person is mentally unstable doesn't mean they are incapable of 'normal' emotions.

What is the difference between mentally unstable and emotionally unstable?

they sort of go hand in hand. but usually mentally unstable is someone who actually suffers from a life long mental illness. but emotionally unstable can just last a periiod of time and be cause by a tragic event

If the ex is mentally unstable can you keep him from seeing your child?

unless he has been abusive towards the child you cant stop him from seeing his child. but if mentally unstable maybe with supervision

What are the effects of mixing Prozac with Viagra?

You will have a mentally unstable erection lasting 4 or more hours. Most women who are very mentally unstable prefer this type of erection.

What should I do if my wife is mentally unstable?

If your wife is mentally unstable then you need to realize that she has no place in a stable marriage. My wife was mentally unstable and popped xanax's and drank everyday. She eventually went to rehab and found a man and left me for him. Was I upset? Yes, very much so. Did I want her back? Yes. But now after realizing how much emotional pain an unstable woman can cause you, it was for the best. Mentally unstable people also tend to be very selfish, and pathological liars to hide their problems. I didn't need it and neither do you.

In IL what can dcfs do about a mentally unstable parent?

In the state of Illinois, as well as in most states, the DCFS can remove children and place them in foster care if they are determined to be in the care of a parent who is mentally unstable.

What is a synonym for crazy?

Insane, looney, loopy, mentally unstable, etc.

Why does Harley Quinn use slang?

From what I know it's just the way she is, But it could have somthing to do with the fact that she is mentally unstable. But I think it is just the way she is but that's just me. She is also meant to be Jewish and to Americans that's what they're meant to sound like.

What are the Signs of being mentally unstable?

Signs a Person is Unstable. Mental instability, or mental illness, is a condition that greatly affects a person's thoughts and behaviors. individuals who are mentally unstable often. If a person has low blood pressure, chest pain, or a failing heart with tachycardia, the condition is considered unstable. in such cases, the person may be in serious.

What are Lee Harvey Oswald's personality traits?

troubled mentally unstable Aggressive

What is Harley Quinn's weakness?

She's mentally unstable and totally devoted to a madman .

Is Shakespeare's Mercutio of Romeo and Juliet mentally unstable?

Probably not. He's the kind of character that lives for attention is possibly jealous that his friend's love interests keep him away. Immature sure, but 'mentally unstable' is a little to harsh.

What is meant by radioactivity?

It means unstable atoms

Was Vincent van Gogh insain?

he was mentally unstable so yes he was sort of insane

What is a sentence for morbid?

"The man, clearly mentally unstable, had a very morbid interest in death."

What happens to a criminal who is mentally unstable?

deppending on how severe he/she is. but they may be analysed, but are usually charged like anyone else would, unless they were registered mentally ill

Can you get a divorce if your wife is mentally unstable?

Anyone can get divorced and divorce anyone. mental health is nothing to do with it.

What was wrong with Vincent van gogh?

He was mentally unstable. He cut his room mates ear off.

Can a mentally unstable child testify in court?

It mainly depends on the child's actual condition and how old they are.

What environment does a forensic psychology work in?

People who are mentally unstable, and commit serious crimes because of this.

Why don't the New York Giants have cheerleaders?

Because their owners are mentally unstable? I am a giants fan, by the way

Was pope attacked on Christmas day mass?

Yes by a so called mentally unstable woman in red.

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