What is meant by parliament?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What is meant by parliament?
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What is meant by national assembly in Pakistan?


What was at stake in the conflict between Charles you and parliament?

I meant Charles the first

Why did you build another parliament house instead of the old one in Canberra?

Provisional Parliament House (commonly known as Old Parliament House) was only ever meant to be temporary.

when Asian country parliament is called state great Hural l?

Assuming you meant 'State Great Khura' - It's the parliament of Mongolia.

Why did Charles II borrow money?

Because petitioning parliament for money meant he had to make concessions to them.

What is meant by drain on resources?

Building a new parliament building may be a necessity but it is a serious drain on the country's financial resources.

Why did Canberra need a new parliament house?

Australia's old Parliament House, which was officially opened on 9 May 1927, was only ever intended to be a temporary residence for Parliament to sit. It was large enough for parliament at the time, but as the nation grew, extra functions and responsibilities of the government meant a much larger venue was required. Nonetheless, it served Australian Parliament for the next sixty years.

What did virtual representation mean for the colonies?

Virtual representation was a scapegoat to let Parliament tax the colonies even though the colonies couldn't elect members for Parliament. It meant Britain could tax the colonies without colonial representation.

What is meant by a democratic country?

In a democratic country citizens have a say in the government through their representatives in the parliament (this assembly is called in different ways in different countries). The members of Parliament are chosen by the citizens by exercising their right to a universal free suffrage. The legislative power belongs to Parliament. So, indirectly the citizens of the country can take part in law-making.

What is the colletive noun for Parliament?

The noun parliament is a collective noun for:a parliament of beggarsa parliament of crowsa parliament of owlsa parliament of ravensa parliament of rooks

When was the Australian Parliament House opened?

This depends on which Parliament House is meant. The first Australian Parliament following Federation of the states met in Parliament House, Melbourne, which it borrowed from the parliament of the state of Victoria, which in turn sat in the Exhibition Building. Construction of the first Parliament House in Canberra, which was only ever intended to be temporary, began in August 1923 and the building was officially opened on 9 May 1927. Intended to be temporary, this building actually housed the Parliament until 1988. Construction of the New Parliament House began in 1981, and the House was finally opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 9 May 1988, the anniversary of the opening of both the first Federal Parliament in Melbourne (9 May 1901), and of the Provisional Parliament House in Canberra (9 May 1927).

Is Parliament a collective noun?

Yes, the word parliament is a collective noun for a parliament of owls, a parliament of crows, a parliament of ravens, and a parliament of rooks.